Say something or nothing at all

get out the gag or lets have a ball

hours of words I want dripping down my leg

are stifled by silence, cause me to beg

Lovers forget the keys handcuffs require

wrought in the irons of their verbal fire

Wriggle your whipping tongue in the odes

of impressionable lines, lashes of code

that impress every part of me, exposed

But instead, here we sit, with mouths safety pinned

staring at each other, hand curled ’round armrest ends

hush clenched fingernails deep digging in

Single fingers on lips never rub quite enough

to start dialogue, garrulous dialogue, that strips me to buff

I’ve orifices at the ready to receive your tirade

Articulate diction to undo the bed that we made

Open your mind, our hearts, your mouth, my thighs

I’m all ears, well, almost, if you’re one of those guys

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Stuff it

Some rag doll I am

tossed around

drug through mud

and not because

I am the doll

that is your most beloved.

A simple hug

would be

the most befitting dress,

but, no,

a curse becomes

the banal habit

to this hushed nun

you used to sing I was your sun.

To be mean

you pull my string,

but it is not the one

that makes me talk-

how painful,

I’m unraveling!

I’ll mend the tears

in all my seams

and stuff it

till the soiled polyfill

is regurgitating.

go see some awesome dolls
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I want to feel the effervescent foam of a symphonic tide crawling up my toes





I want to be a fluffy tuft of dandelion, carried to the heights of foreign landmarks

I want my ears on a string that I can cast into a quiet room and let them bob on the silence until tranquility takes hold and pulls them under

I want to be possessed by the ghost of effortless decorum

I want to be a crescendo in history’s most astonishing symphony; the one where hearts hit the ceiling and the well within the listener is spilling over with awe

I want to be a flock of blackbirds that fly above farmland, darting uniformly in multifarious directions. I want to be the whole of the flock, scattering myself  into pieces to briefly rest in branches.

I want to live in a prodigious towering city inhabited with bright minds that are employed by Common Sense, inc.


I want to be bound and strung up at the gates of the city with barbed wire wrapped in baby’s breath and cherry blossoms

I want to inhale gravity and excrete it until I’m weightless.

I want to be the prognosticator of white lies and summon bees to sting the tongues of the tellers

I want to burn memories into the climes of my mind until embers fly, so that when I wake, perspiring, the scent of romantic ash fills my panting lungs.

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