I want to be smothered in blackberry and ivy in the inebriated drips of this honey thick heat,
Every barbed tendril puncturing my stifled body,
Oozing my sticky-sweet juice, slathering your whole.
Cover my all, take me in!
It seems all I ever learnt of love is how to succumb.


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Femme Fatale II

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It’s too late,
her allure has lured you in
your reflection,
now forever fixed in her eyes;
a prisonly prism
that will not look away,
and while she sways
Every touch, evidence,
she will lift with her powder brush
Those bombshell bosoms
close enough, you hear the ticking
and you know it is not her black heart
When your hand reaches the top
of that satin slit
and her garter clicks,
you will know
“This is it”.
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Femme Fatale

Her beauty is imminent danger:
Ringlets tailspin from her head
dive bomb and crash into her shoulders
A collarbone set like a bear trap
Dagger sharp nails soaked in victim red
Her tsunami sway hips’ destructive tides
Quicksand lips and a tongue like a whip
Lead pipe legs that blind with their glisten
Piercing eyes that break skin
drawing blood from your heart
to the surface by tiny pinpricks
Lampshade fringe eyelashes
luring the moths
Cannonball breasts ready to ignite
And the hourglass figure that warned you
Your time is almost up!

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Tip-toe to the loo
careful not to disturb…
Trickle scalding bubble brew
a flicker votive
foxy motive
Roll the Cocteau swirling lullaby
cue the dim revelry
dip and dunk, slip-in, sunk
cherry toes
and flesh mangoes
Like moths to flame
or squirrels to snacks
He comes creeping, eyes peeled
to Venus’ trap
for the snatch
The rhythmic tide of captive boy
caught in some sweet sticky mess
in strumming stride with lady ploy
waves unfurling
frothy churning
Pucker (in so many contexts)
let it slurp away
from the bottoms to the twined necks
no need to seize
what can be lured with ease

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the target in the cross-hairs

 I’m easy prey these days,
a rapid catch.
ready to play?
teasingly left garments torn
soaked in my musk
hang from the oaks
and tracks where the mud
squooshed between my toes, show
you are on my tail
if your gun is loaded and ready
and your hounds can sniff my trail
you’ll be sure to bag me soon
if your senses are keen
you will recognize
that there are tracks aside mine
an imprint, but of what?
and pointy shards of shattered dreams
a struggle has occured, it seems
dear hunter,
are you stalking game
or a tracker shepherd ?
where I hide
under the leaves and bramble
and piles of loose earth
freshly discarded
ragg’ed and shucked
bum luck. Your mark’s already snatched
wipe the horror and shock from your face
rise to your feet
for at this very moment
you may be the target in the cross-hairs
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She glides into the night in silk feathered flight
Her quickening heart rises up to sky.
Reaching for the butter’d cup,
surrounded by the mossy muff
and with his ladle drinks it up
unraveling ribbony silken shreds
from her skin
it begins…
Wings spread, coasting down to snatch
with spoon-billed beak, the catch ,
ribboned silk all around, spirals descending
into the onyx sea.
To make seen the water’s rippling,
moonlit,  upon obsidian wings
He brings her, featherless
to the nest
and dines on blood and thigh and breast
And in the currents of ocean, dark
he lifted a single thread from it’s stark,
a silken ribbon to weave
among the twigs and moss and bones,
his throne, a trophy case
a resting place
and her beak tossed among the downy pile
the aftermath of a hungry night.
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what a big bite that sinks beneath
Oh, there will be skin in our teeth
tomorrow, and I’ll say it was fun
that spear, it was rapture
that had me tossing, but captured
the target in the sites of your gun
Oh sweet misery, captain
I reluctantly lapt in
your ocean, viscous and pale
On your wall, mount me
to your fish-friends, recount me
the resplendent bonny white wale
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This is where I want to bees.


You were buzzing around

I’ve been warned to steer clear

You were busy and I wanted to be…

With you


I followed you home

Into that hexagonal drone

And begged for a moment alone


Oh the look in your eyes eyes eyes

The rage and surprise

I could tell I was gonna get stung


I’m allergic, you know

I’ll die in your throes

And if you sting me, you’ll die in mine


Alas, taunted to no end

He clutched me and began

Abdomen, arched and driving


Injecting, stabbing, stinging

My heart slowing, my ears ringing

Warm sticky honey dripping down my thighs


Ohhhhhh the rage and surprise!

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The Fisherman

He will tempt them.
They will give in.
He hides his gaff,
And charms their simple minds.
They struggle for a moment.
They fight for one last breath.
One greedy intention; a twisted perception,
Fell prey to the king of the food chain.
They secrete their anguish-
He’s such a sport.
Inefficient gluttony
Rejected for the massive one.
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