I want to be smothered in blackberry and ivy in the inebriated drips of this honey thick heat,
Every barbed tendril puncturing my stifled body,
Oozing my sticky-sweet juice, slathering your whole.
Cover my all, take me in!
It seems all I ever learnt of love is how to succumb.


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T’wats the Night Before Christmas

Originally Published on: Dec 7, 2008
I thought I’d drag this one back out for another peep, since it’s the holidays and all…

T’was the night before Christmas
and in the back of the house
her juices were stirring
with lust for her spouse.
Her stockings undone from the garter with care
In hopes that his thickness would soon meet her bare
The children, all nestled and snug in their beds
Had no idea this affair had come to a head
Mom, in her corset, and dad, with the whip
Started with a kiss, as he ordered her to strip.
When over the pillow, her hair layed, scattered
He sprang on the bed, as if only she mattered.
Away she worked like an impulsive flash
as he throttled and pounded, with eager, her gash
The moon on her breast like new fallen snow
Made it easy for him to see where his tongue should go
To his wondering eyes, all a sudden did appear
Her legs, round his head, and her moment drawing near
He started to drive her, so lively and quick
He knew in a moment what made her tick
More rapid than coursers she came and she came
She sighed and she moaned and she called out his name
“Oh, take me, ahhh yes! Yes! YES! YESSSSS!” said the vixen
On top or on bottom, on hope chest they’re fixin’
To the heights of their being, and up against the wall
They grind away, sweating for the best gift of all.
Their bodies , like leaves in a wild hurricane fly
meeting, enmeshing, and mount to the sky
To the tips of the universe, like quarks and gluons they flew
Using a night stand full of toys, and their bodies, toys too,
and then, with a twinkling, in both their eyes
the petting and pawing brought the greatest surprise
He withdrew his hands, and then quickly turned her around
Down her proverbial chimney, he came with a bound
Stroking her fur, titillated from head to foot
Smashing and lashing the crest of her butt.
His bundle, unleashed, pendulum swinging, front to back
Retaining the swelling in his bulging sack.
Her eyes- how they twinkled! His chest how it heaved
Her bosoms like roses, fast to them, he cleaved.
Her droll little mouth drawn up like a bow
opening and closing with each mighty blow
The stump of his shaft, held tight in her teeth,
Looked like an angel breathing on a wet Christmas wreath
His face broad with pleasure, hair tickling his belly,
made him thankful their coital gifts never required jelly.
His member, chubby and plump, withdrew from herself
Ready to finish off this fine milf.
With a wink of his eye, and a nod of her head
She was thrown back to the edge of the bed.
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
Rhythmic, pounding, with just the right jerk.
And simultaneously, as both parties chose,
He filled up her chimney as their pulses both rose.
They sprang to the porch, to have a quick smoke
And commented how it was, by far, the best Christmas poke
Back in bed, pulses rested, exclaims to his wife
Sweetheart, thank you for another Merry Christmas tonight.
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Savory Things

dewdrops on eyelashes
dewdrops on eyelids and spellbinding black kittens
ascension on alabaster clouds and shameless admittance
auburn leaves in windstorms violently rustling
these are a few of my savory things
chalk colored spirits and cream in my coffee
string quartet sunsets and possessions with apostrophes
ravens that fly with full moon on their wings
these are a few of my savory things
Men in white collars with red paisley neckties
his finger tracing softly up black stocking’d thighs
blessings abundant, for we have our rings
These are a few of my savory things.
When you take things for granted
When you get in a cycle of drudgery
When you lack common joys
Take notice of your list of savory things
and life will be more enjoyed
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Statue of Labiarty

Like the brazen giant with a Greek frame

his conquering limbs slide into my hand

here at my perfume washed, twilight gates he lays

ready for this mighty woman’s touch, whose flame

is the imprisoned lightening, and her name

is Mother of Ectasy. From her begging hand

grabs mouth-wide welcome; her wild eyes command

the smooth harbor that twin bosoms frame

“Keep aching, man, and restore your rhythmic pump” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your eyes, psychotic

and your quivering ass, yearning to break me,

the wretched refuse of your teeming core

send your holocaust, temper-toss me.”

I lift my skirt, to reveal the golden door.

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