Tip-toe to the loo
careful not to disturb…
Trickle scalding bubble brew
a flicker votive
foxy motive
Roll the Cocteau swirling lullaby
cue the dim revelry
dip and dunk, slip-in, sunk
cherry toes
and flesh mangoes
Like moths to flame
or squirrels to snacks
He comes creeping, eyes peeled
to Venus’ trap
for the snatch
The rhythmic tide of captive boy
caught in some sweet sticky mess
in strumming stride with lady ploy
waves unfurling
frothy churning
Pucker (in so many contexts)
let it slurp away
from the bottoms to the twined necks
no need to seize
what can be lured with ease

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what a big bite that sinks beneath
Oh, there will be skin in our teeth
tomorrow, and I’ll say it was fun
that spear, it was rapture
that had me tossing, but captured
the target in the sites of your gun
Oh sweet misery, captain
I reluctantly lapt in
your ocean, viscous and pale
On your wall, mount me
to your fish-friends, recount me
the resplendent bonny white wale
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