The wind: a breath, a current

A breath
went for a walk
with two gallivanting fingers
up and down
her spine
That doormat
sure can hold on tight
when the wind
comes from behind
A breath
that couldn’t talk
through pillows and trachea hugs,
exhaled in tears
and darkened stratospheres,
that muffled wind
who can bend and ascend
to the heights of beanstalks
Some foreign breath
that blows wind chimes
carries, like rivers,
the silence
and disseminates
the seeds
much like dandelion weeds
to a distant resting place
for unspoken violence
The wind: a breath, a current
that strips trees or tickles noses,
waves flags,
shifts sand,
and is a collection
of the sighs
of millions of years’ toil
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Spectral Wisp

spectral wisp 
If only
I could have
your breath
on my ear
panting hot
but it’s not.
How menthol wintry
shiver shimmery
you sigh
Shudder stroke
vapor trickle
finger tip
spectral wisp
my ivory hips
I feel you
brush my skin
surge through
my hair
I reach
into the space
around me
You are not there
Saddling the frigid
breeze you blow
the ghastly glow
you came
for me
Hover always
flitter floating
anemic arctic
taunt me
want me
haunt me
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