Every piece will be dissolved
Tides lick at the sugary soil
And you know how it feels
To be the cattle worn salt
Licked to grit and fading

I am the etched
Devleoping pinholes that turn into tunnels
Taking a pummel, crumbling
Coming undone
And letting it happen.

Most days, I would rather be the wave
Salivating and slurping
Forcefully back, the specks
Of things that once stood firm

Every lap of liquid lip
Dragging the essence
of every jagged tip
That lies in the way of me
Obsessed, wet
Coming to shred rough edges
And gulp them into oblivion

I’d rather be the sea
Rocking and swaying
Splashing and sucking
Surging, swallowing
Gasping, swirling…
What I wouldn’t do
To wash every bit of everything,
Including you, with my salty juice

The moon made me do it!
This lollipop lullaby,
This metronome motion,
Contracting ocean
Take it down
To it’s very core!

Erosion through
Every gushy explosion
My unstoppable droplets
Conspiring, corrupting
Fragments I meet
Sweet melting into me
More licks in than the owl
One, two, therrrrreeee

Eons of persistence
Smoothing roughness
Eating holes
Through stone
Smashing away pebbles of confidence;
The outline of my boundary
Lined with tiny skulls of earth

My ardent quest
Blasting layers
Fizzy foam slapping
Each morsel that I seize,
Spilling all over
And while at times, I will
lap slow,
Know that I am savoring the minerals

I will rinse its dirt gone
And agitate it in my deepest belly
I’ll ebb and swish and spatter
Collecting, coercing, immersing
With a persistent desire to
Swallow it whole

And I will never be full.

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Accidental Burial at Sea

I lower cased until I CAPSIZED
Adrift and split
Eyes narrowing
It drank me like tea at sunrise
Abyssmal kiss
I stared too long and fell in
And whole!; descending…
The ephemeral throat could gargle me
Salt sterile
We’ll find out which beastly fish are feral
I’m a feast of goo
Scraping the floors of liquid limbo
Sway dancing in my gelatinous ignorance
Dismantling one bite at a time
Just like all my days before
But now,
I’m already gone and don’t care
This is the last meal

Give me coral reef ribs
And lurking crabs in my skull
I give thanks to
The pall-bearing aqua layers
That buried me soft
And the pinhole of light;
My last sight
When I made peace
With the deep

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Neptune’s muse

I’m beside
the seaside
On my inside
and it’s all too clear

I’ve got to get out of here

My core sways
All day
And I churn with the waves

It’s the only way

I am glitter wet
A rhythmic crash
A force unabashed

And my poor heart swims
Fed by the channels
Of a land I forgot

This is all I’ve got

droplets, caught
in an inverted bowl
every puddle, whole

I rage and splash
lick and swell, consistenly
pulsing steadily

can’t help but be

Neptune’s muse
neptunes muse

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Yard Sailor

I’m going to set sail on a long, long trip
Wherein I will lose sight of this land
And before I set sail, there’s a sale
Wherein I sell all, save for my soul
For without these, I am whole
This is my goal

Every worthless piece of junk,
Every memory laden trinket
Are just the same, things we’ve named
Assigned some life, some use, some space
And adorned our homes with decorous grace
For staged comforts set before our face.

My assets set out for rats to nibble at
in twenty-five cent increments
Each knick-knack sold, a fraying fiber
Of the rope that holds me to the dock
“Why, yes that Christmas tree is flocked!”
“I’m going cheap on that wok.”

Legos, lei goes, I’m letting go
Casting off weight and severing rope
Pushing off from all umbilical
Carnivore material vines that keep me drowning
On the soil that feels like grounding
Sell the yard and the surroundings

Hit the water, smooth and forgiving
Freer than the seabirds that place shiny things in their nests
It is possible to say that I am blessed
When I have nothing
Not even the anchor.

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Liquid lips

Liquid lips
Splash to kiss
Our Submarine ripples blip
Beneath the surface, slipped

Harpoon hips
Sway and dip
Fervor flowing flesh splash flip
Making waves that lick and drip

Intrepid eyes
Lash blink like
Fins in spasmodic flight
In the abyss' naughtical night

Periscope Penis
Risen between us
We dove so deep just
To fathom the freeness

Torpedo Tongues
Siren sung
Salty swallowed aqualung
Soaked until it can't be wrung

Porthole Peepers
Dilate deeper
Soul shock slick seeper
Oil orgasmic spilling weeper

Surfacing serenity
Enchating entity
Visceral vessel capsized virginity
Encapsulated by salinity
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The Transfiguration of the Ballroom Belle

We used to dance cheek to cheek
Now I’m going check to check
without a buck
and woes strung like weights ’round my neck
You feckless fuck
I’m such a shipwreck and in the muck
and heck I’ve had no luck
with pricks that peck
and expect a suck
The world is just a hex 
and I’m left moonstruck,
hoping for higher grounds;
promises sought in orbs so round 
like rings that never took;
that shine like silver things 
that caught my eye-
just dancing light upon the brook
Or a hook in hookers’ mouths,
I’d feed on lures
in hopes of nourishment
so I could reach the sea,
where vast waters
let the moon dance upon unbroken rippling
But tides will break
like my wave-worn heart
and there’re some shores
I’ll never reach
Eddies and Johns twirl me round 
and spit me into the muddy breach
In my god-damned fate, 
no floodgate will free my gills
from miry bogs 
I’m stuck and gasp, evolving legs
till I’m a frog, unkissed 
dismissed in trysts,
I’ll claim a fly for a best friend
chew him up and regurgitate him over and over again
But what waits for discarded creatures
such as I,
with bodies submerged and eyes to the sky?
I can bellow and croak- 
(it’s all just midnight’s white noise)
and dream of overall front pockets on dirty little boys.
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I’d swim right down in
to your inky den
and let every writhing tentacle in
nevermind the oxygen
It’s time to get literal
The lighthouse lit the littoral
and aquatic path for clittoral
lapping octet limbs so visceral
Knots I’ve swam for that naughty, nautical nymph
and sank below the dismal depths
He takes me and each lack of breath 
ravages me with enzymes till nothing’s left
It’s getting graphic, oceanographic
preferring the aquatic over plastic
pleasures derived from drastic
measures steeped in superficial tactics
So, I want to squirm with serpentine squid
them putting in and pulling out again
squeezing air, not there, and then
assimilating my flesh until I meet my end.
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Lunar Target Practice

Lunar target practice
master the tactics
that gravity won’t defy
Aim high
nail that laughing man
between the eyes
And let the debris
rain meteor showers
on me
Give the oceans
a moment
of stand still silence 
That cold heartless stone,
unthrobbing, distant
and so damned alone,
is fixed
in the scope
of those with nothing to lose 
Scatter craters,
Apollo-getic haters,
I’m shooting the moon.


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Pontos Axeinos

You can ride my waves

but I will throw you back to land

You belong on sand

For I am the Ocean and

you are not a fish

I am dotted with blobs of earth in my infinity

I am the sea

You cannot swallow me gone,

I will always go on

I own the Siren’s song

My waves are their stage

and I can bring the rage

and shout the fathomless phrase,

Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man – who has no gills.”


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I want to feel the effervescent foam of a symphonic tide crawling up my toes





I want to be a fluffy tuft of dandelion, carried to the heights of foreign landmarks

I want my ears on a string that I can cast into a quiet room and let them bob on the silence until tranquility takes hold and pulls them under

I want to be possessed by the ghost of effortless decorum

I want to be a crescendo in history’s most astonishing symphony; the one where hearts hit the ceiling and the well within the listener is spilling over with awe

I want to be a flock of blackbirds that fly above farmland, darting uniformly in multifarious directions. I want to be the whole of the flock, scattering myself  into pieces to briefly rest in branches.

I want to live in a prodigious towering city inhabited with bright minds that are employed by Common Sense, inc.


I want to be bound and strung up at the gates of the city with barbed wire wrapped in baby’s breath and cherry blossoms

I want to inhale gravity and excrete it until I’m weightless.

I want to be the prognosticator of white lies and summon bees to sting the tongues of the tellers

I want to burn memories into the climes of my mind until embers fly, so that when I wake, perspiring, the scent of romantic ash fills my panting lungs.

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Maritime Melancholy

Months lost at sea
with all these knots
and thoughts
that will not hold tight
slipping and giving the wind my sails
The creaking sway
a lullaby of loneliness
a cradle
a heaping ladle
of maritime melancholy
my flag, a sun-bleached map
Is it a voyage when you are lost
and content to be tossed
upon the miles of tumultuous waves
praying for landlessness
hopelessness, a welcome compass?
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Fish Food

I went drifting out as far as anyone could get

I’d go farther if I could

On this raft made of wood

I pulled a gun and made you promise

not to follow me

just cut the rope and let me be

and now I’m drifting in this sweet, quiet air

with pain greater than you could have gifted me

In the dark blue sea

I’ve got everything I want……………………..nothing

And I’d take more if I could

That would be very good.

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