Dirty Wind

blow your hot gossip in my ear,

it makes my pinwheel spin

it generates the wind

that makes us tornado friends

ripping up roots that ran deep

tossing frailer trailers into troubled heavens

to have them crash

spilling our secret whores,

lipstick smeared, bra strap dangling,

10 mile scattered garbage nobody would want

if it was free

you wanna rape somebody’s trust

and have it traced back to me?!

we’re all closet nose-pickers, butt scratchers

daydreamers of greener grass,

a tighter ass

and infatuated with wrecks

but heck,

game’s off when your shit’s on deck

blow your putrid gossip in my ear

until it cranks my windmill around

you gave me power and you’re going down

I’m going to the source to return

your dirty breeze

wrapped up in brown paper

and a tag that says return to sender

yeah, I’m the ender

I’ll burn the news stands down

until they tell me something

that will make





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White Rabbit

There is so much I can be doing,

so I procrastinate sleep

there is so much to dream,

so I delay waking

Where ever I am,

infinite possibility

making me late.

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The Present

There’s no time like the present
the present is a gift
it’s the gift that keeps on giving
the gift is living
open it up
play with it
until it bores you
’cause tomorrow there’s more for you
keep breathing and there’s more in store for you

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Some people wear their vulnerability like a badge of honor.

Even the toughest broad can feel little and scared

when you strip away her shell,

but there are those that sell it, work it, milk it,

wearing their mushy soft armor,

seemingly begging

to be poked, tripped, hustled, fooled, ripped-off,

hurt, offended, insulted, worn-out ragged

a stage of sagas

strung along like snot-soaked pearls

to confirm their view of this unfair world

“I am too weak” or “This is too hard”

is the speech

that echoes on the avoiding crowd

How proud they are to share their woes

and retell the victimization by their foes

Leia said “Help me Obi Wan Knobi, you’re my only hope”

but took gun in hand, killed clone or man

because she CAN

We remember Annie Oakley, Mae West

but not the name of the damsel in distress

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Savory Things

dewdrops on eyelashes
dewdrops on eyelids and spellbinding black kittens
ascension on alabaster clouds and shameless admittance
auburn leaves in windstorms violently rustling
these are a few of my savory things
chalk colored spirits and cream in my coffee
string quartet sunsets and possessions with apostrophes
ravens that fly with full moon on their wings
these are a few of my savory things
Men in white collars with red paisley neckties
his finger tracing softly up black stocking’d thighs
blessings abundant, for we have our rings
These are a few of my savory things.
When you take things for granted
When you get in a cycle of drudgery
When you lack common joys
Take notice of your list of savory things
and life will be more enjoyed
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The Dead Dyad

My friend, he came

to drag a boy

to my doorstep

sure that we should

know one another

And so we did,

from the tips of our very souls

to every ripple of our brains

to the soft curves of our hearts

It was history

in our own books

like a hieroglyph

of important events

“The world is atrocious”

we would say

Together, we piled

our soft clay emotions, views

melded into a lumpy heap,

working, forlorn, as one unit

towards the formation into something

functional and beautiful

The pain, the truth

which could have nearly paralyzed us,

exercised through poetry and song

let us bleed in monochromatic synchronicity,

a freedom from the bulging strain

in our adolescent brains

from realizing the repulsive side of humankind

We discovered a golden force

glowing within, an ability

to forget our woes

and accept every fleeting moment

as a euphoric one

Many magical moments followed,

steeped in ultra-cognifizance,

a sparkling wonder of intense awareness

I have had to let go

of him

and the puzzle

as to how he could just

walk away and be

the antithesis of

it all-

all we felt





as if all along,

he was just an imaginary friend

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