Neptune’s muse

I’m beside
the seaside
On my inside
and it’s all too clear

I’ve got to get out of here

My core sways
All day
And I churn with the waves

It’s the only way

I am glitter wet
A rhythmic crash
A force unabashed

And my poor heart swims
Fed by the channels
Of a land I forgot

This is all I’ve got

droplets, caught
in an inverted bowl
every puddle, whole

I rage and splash
lick and swell, consistenly
pulsing steadily

can’t help but be

Neptune’s muse
neptunes muse

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The Truth is a Noose

Candor is less appreciated
than one might think
you’re your own fink
your free speech will construct
the walls of your own damned clink
In the solitary confinement built
and the silence there
with racing thoughts of what you shared
you’ll wish you could unspeak it all
Your duty is now your despair
The truth is a noose;
uncensored words make knots,
oxygen lost,
choking off reconciliation
when only honesty was sought
Forget the conscience.
And that damned tree.
Lie and walk free
tie your tongue instead
only confess on bended knee
For the truth can be bent
farther than a spine
at the end of a tied line
so spin a yarn
and buy some time
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