I wanna tightrope walk on contrails,

skinny dip in the zephyrous yonder

lost in wild blue wanderlust thoughts with you.

We can linger in the umbra

when the sun holds its nose and dunks under;

let our starry Van Gogh eyes

light up Cheshire bright

and wink

like Betelgeuse and Orion.

We can fit our feet with Autumn leaves,

surfing the dusky sky’s coffeebreath breeze

and jump into the raked piles

of our fall in love.

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The Voyage of the Enigmatic Body

The back is the Pacific Ocean of the body

so vast and open

it’s ridges, exposed islands

and ribs like ripples

rolling towards the shore


The arms are the maps of the body

with trails, tracks, story-scratched

highway veins, tattooed names

and territories light and dark,

half sun-marked

and hands that tell you where to go


The eyes are the moons of the body

glowing, round radiant,

distant and ofttimes cold

celestial and mystic

piercing through you and millions of miles away all at once.


The hair is the clouds of the body

swirling, curling around those lit moons

Sometimes calm and sometimes stormy,

drifting over mountains and oceans

always in motion


The shoulders are the mountains of the body

bearing the weight of the world,

buried in the mist of clouds

standing tall and proud

or bravely chiseled by time


The legs are pillars of the body

often of ruins or great oaks

tested through time

and still erect, if not a little cracked

supporting what was once great

and drawing our eyes to heavens above


The belly is the shore of the body

the land, the sand

where children are raised

and man lays his head

it’s a centrifuge, a core, and more

a middle ground worth fighting for


the bosom is the tree of the body

with two red leaves

bearing fruit for all to eat

with passing seasons change and wilt

it’s sibylline beauty

almost eternal


The vagina is the spring of the body

welling sublime waters from deep within

giving life

from it’s stark abyss

a fountain that sustains

and nourishes its thirsty patron


The enigmatic body is an earth,

a heavenly creation

of vast planes and craters

harnessing it’s unique and unrivaled

beauty, purpose and divine transformations

and only its climate determines

its inhabitants

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Savory Things

dewdrops on eyelashes
dewdrops on eyelids and spellbinding black kittens
ascension on alabaster clouds and shameless admittance
auburn leaves in windstorms violently rustling
these are a few of my savory things
chalk colored spirits and cream in my coffee
string quartet sunsets and possessions with apostrophes
ravens that fly with full moon on their wings
these are a few of my savory things
Men in white collars with red paisley neckties
his finger tracing softly up black stocking’d thighs
blessings abundant, for we have our rings
These are a few of my savory things.
When you take things for granted
When you get in a cycle of drudgery
When you lack common joys
Take notice of your list of savory things
and life will be more enjoyed
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Here Kitty. Nevermind.

here kitty. nevermind

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Slow progress

I’ve finally managed to finish something. It’s damn near May!  Egads. I need to spend more time in that art room. Time is in a sieve.

So here’s one I started about a year ago:

(sorry the pix aren’t the best. I think I need a new camera)


















I did this one a few years ago. I just refound it. The medium is pastels, and I used my thumbprints to make the background. Add this one to the androgenous soul series…


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waterdollI hate plans. They make me hope.
I hate hope. It tries to make reality out of a thought.
I hate thoughts. They try to make plans.
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