You're gonna come down in sheets 
And I'm gonna take it
Because I need it
It's a reluctant pummeling
It's a rejoice with a relapse
Sick gray daze
hazes of rain
beating me, bathing me
scathing frigidity
drifting over me

I measure in inches
what you've given
gathered sand 
to keep you at bay
and pray for more
I've raided stores
And boarded up
for your arrival

Come to me
Flood my streets
I'm gonna curse
And vow 
to sleep through it all
but I'll admit,
I am enthralled
watching and waiting
for the onslaught
peeking through curtains
watching puddles turn 
to lakes turn to seas of 
all that we need
and I will squeal
"Please let up."

And it will pound on
until it's done.

You could always get more than you can handle and be grateful for it.
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I want to be smothered in blackberry and ivy in the inebriated drips of this honey thick heat,
Every barbed tendril puncturing my stifled body,
Oozing my sticky-sweet juice, slathering your whole.
Cover my all, take me in!
It seems all I ever learnt of love is how to succumb.


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Say something or nothing at all

get out the gag or lets have a ball

hours of words I want dripping down my leg

are stifled by silence, cause me to beg

Lovers forget the keys handcuffs require

wrought in the irons of their verbal fire

Wriggle your whipping tongue in the odes

of impressionable lines, lashes of code

that impress every part of me, exposed

But instead, here we sit, with mouths safety pinned

staring at each other, hand curled ’round armrest ends

hush clenched fingernails deep digging in

Single fingers on lips never rub quite enough

to start dialogue, garrulous dialogue, that strips me to buff

I’ve orifices at the ready to receive your tirade

Articulate diction to undo the bed that we made

Open your mind, our hearts, your mouth, my thighs

I’m all ears, well, almost, if you’re one of those guys

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I’d swim right down in
to your inky den
and let every writhing tentacle in
nevermind the oxygen
It’s time to get literal
The lighthouse lit the littoral
and aquatic path for clittoral
lapping octet limbs so visceral
Knots I’ve swam for that naughty, nautical nymph
and sank below the dismal depths
He takes me and each lack of breath 
ravages me with enzymes till nothing’s left
It’s getting graphic, oceanographic
preferring the aquatic over plastic
pleasures derived from drastic
measures steeped in superficial tactics
So, I want to squirm with serpentine squid
them putting in and pulling out again
squeezing air, not there, and then
assimilating my flesh until I meet my end.
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She won’t admit it, but
she wants to be a cause worth pursuing;
To make a man
trapezius flaring,
jugular bulging,
clenched and pumping
with determination;
tackled to the ground
and ravaged like a battlefield.
She won’t admit it,
but she wants to be a territory worth fighting for,
even if she fights back,
she is begging
to be won;
to have a soldier
of desire
conquer her,
to be completely
by his might,
to have him launch an attack
so fierce
it will end in
bloody surrender.
She won’t admit it,
She will be coy, will put up walls
She wants torn down,
Will wail for her troops
to save her,
But her lusting heart is a defector
Longing to be shackled
And bound, impounded
And pounded into
Succumbed weak yielding torture.
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juice me
Start with the ragged fleck of skin from my slender finger
pulling slowly, like a runner root
Let the fresh air be introduced to dermis
wet with it’s raw awakening
Shuck me like an onion
shedding layers and forcing bleary tears
Disrobe my entirety, freeing me from the suit of my bearing
divorce the connective tissue
My fluids and nectarous pith
are ripe like summer’s last plum
Get at that rind like a kid on Christmas morn
for I can sense how great your thirst
Cup that sanguinal fluid, wring each limb thoroughly
careful not to spill a drop.
Feel my plasmatic liquor
soak your every last cell
Juice it dry, so you can preserve and later savor
that which deserves to be kept in a bottle
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The wind: a breath, a current

A breath
went for a walk
with two gallivanting fingers
up and down
her spine
That doormat
sure can hold on tight
when the wind
comes from behind
A breath
that couldn’t talk
through pillows and trachea hugs,
exhaled in tears
and darkened stratospheres,
that muffled wind
who can bend and ascend
to the heights of beanstalks
Some foreign breath
that blows wind chimes
carries, like rivers,
the silence
and disseminates
the seeds
much like dandelion weeds
to a distant resting place
for unspoken violence
The wind: a breath, a current
that strips trees or tickles noses,
waves flags,
shifts sand,
and is a collection
of the sighs
of millions of years’ toil
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Obliteration Alliteration

While I tease you stay seated
So to get a rise, I say I’ve cheated
I’m assaulted, not insulted
I’ll beg but never ask
I am victimized whilst you are mesmerized
I am heavily scented, but never consent
While you are stroked, I am stricken
You are baited, and I am beaten
You so brut, I so bruised
A boor, boobs, and booze
wild whipping whet with wheedled whimpers
the bed post spire split to splinters
I confess, as we are confluent, my conjugal convictions
indeed intact, intense, entire, inseparable, intrinsic.
Retracting as you withdrawal
I’ll always be your doll.
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They told her she should go to meetings
She didn’t go
They said the healing would be slow
That it would take time to quit hating men
And that it’s normal to consider being lesbian
She never uttered a word, seemingly in shock
Who would understand the joy of being stalked?
And to whom could she confide that it was a fantastic ride
That forceful slide
“Prevention is key.” they impressed
“You mean, like, don’t leave the window open when you’re getting dressed?”
“Yes, and quit dressing like a filthy whore.
And when you return home, lock your door.”
As if collecting a to do list
But planning
for the opposite
Those animals can pick up a scent
And follow it
And what they want, they always get
She will be waiting in that parking garage
Red lipstick, stilettos on
Curvy black hair, Seductive dress
Lingering for that quick, sick caress
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This is where I want to bees.


You were buzzing around

I’ve been warned to steer clear

You were busy and I wanted to be…

With you


I followed you home

Into that hexagonal drone

And begged for a moment alone


Oh the look in your eyes eyes eyes

The rage and surprise

I could tell I was gonna get stung


I’m allergic, you know

I’ll die in your throes

And if you sting me, you’ll die in mine


Alas, taunted to no end

He clutched me and began

Abdomen, arched and driving


Injecting, stabbing, stinging

My heart slowing, my ears ringing

Warm sticky honey dripping down my thighs


Ohhhhhh the rage and surprise!

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A good thrashing

Thrashing about like someone with seizures from epilepsy,
but more, you know… sexy.
It’s love, with teeth, biting rope
a kiss a moan a grope
A scream shatters the air
pulled hair
nails running down a back
a smack
Thrashing around like a fish out of water
but you know… hotter
It’s passion with abuse
a caress, a thrust, a bruise
Slippery and reckless, yet controlled
to have and to hold
A sweaty intimate struggle
with a snuggle
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