Snapshot conversation

My daughter, currently caught between childhood and the heavy dealings of maturity was watching a game show.
“Name something you take care of so it will last a long time.”
“Cars” “Jewelry” “A home” “pets”
“Stupid people! Say Relationships! Marriage and relationships!”
Folks, this nearly brought a tear to my eye. She’s learning.

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Sticked and stoned

The ragings
she’s staging
I’m withdrawn
not engaging
too tired
and quagmired
and feeling
I stooped
you call me stupid
I’m calling
out to cupid
unveil love
to this lubber
or subtract this glue
and give me rubber
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Don’t go
Don’t grow
Don’t tell me secrets only I know
Don’t shout
Don’t show
It gets harder to feel and we just get further away
I give you a gift. I can’t take it away
You can’t hold it. You feel it
It gets in your way
When you remember, it’ll be there
And our distance will seem
More like a parallel care
So the cycle, it spins
And I took out a piece
Nothing has changed
But it feels so much better
And I want a hug that
Says you know
I won’t turn from the look that shows
You’ve grown
But stay close
Or don’t, don’t, don’t
You know I love you
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Out of Orbit in the Galaxy

Young girl,
Spin slow and still
Oh no, now…
You are off axis
You rebound with bruises
You’re the one who loses
Don’t ya know girl
Spin still and slow
The worlds they move
All around you
They vary in speed
Vary in distance
You’ll never know
If life exists beyond you
The sky is black, not blue
But there’s stars, young girl
Neptune and Mars.
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