On days like these

ink creeps down the confessing page

rain slides down the windows

and blood weeps slow through my polar veins

the coffee perks and drips in sync

and someday soon

all these liquids will efface

amalgamize in a swirl in the palm of my hand

and I will smear them down my sullen face

ink rain and blood

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The Sunday Blahg-Crush Trends

No poetry today-

Below is a chronology of my celebrity crushes. I can see the uncanny trends. Of course, I’ve already figured out what I like by now.I hooked one of the good ones.

Everyone has to root for the quarterback…right? I was about 6 yrs. old.

My favorite teacher from 5th grade bought a dynamite magazine and left it in my desk (when I was in 6th grade and he wasn’t even my teacher anymore) with a note as if Kirk himself had left it for me. He was on the cover, and my former teacher knew i had the hots for him. I liked Leo even better once he came on the show. I liked him up until Titanic and still respect his work, except for Titanic. But I guess an actor’s gotta concede to get a little bankroll to fund projects.

Joe Elliott, of Def Leppard, was a short lived crush. He winked at me during the “Pour Some Sugar on Me” video. He looked old to me then. He looks horrible now.

I always like the underdogs and nerds. Brian Austin Green was off my list when he started getting ghetto.

I still think Dave Gahan is pretty cool. I mean, Depeche Mode’s music is timeless is it not? But I only liked him during his goatee sporting “Songs of Faith and Devotion” era. That skinny, rough bad boy look gets me revved. Any rail-thin guy who rocks the Jesus look gets a second look from me. I had the hots for just such a guy while in college. We spent a little time together, and he turned out to be a gross, dirty, almost bum-like slacker. Ew.

Jon Stewart was a big crush for a long time. Kinda still is. Except he is too liberal for my taste. But, nonetheless, he is ruthlessly funny, and I still do like him. I liked him since the good ol’ days when he was on MTV. Smart funny nerd. Veddy nize. ūüôā

Then there was the nerdy kid from Mars Attacks. Yum.

It’s not so much James Spader’s looks, as it is his presence. As I saw films with him in it, I began to see a trend in what I think is his real life behavior crossing over into his work. I love his teasing, perverted, defiling nature. All the while he is not loud or domineering, but rather quiet and commanding with his body language.

I know just about everybody loves Johnny. I appreciate him as an actor just like Leo. He’s got amazing range! His stuff with Tim Burton are some of my hands down favorite movies! His looks, since they change so drastically, are not always sexy. I mostly dig the Jack Sparrow thing. Debauchery? Check. Quirkiness? Yeah baby! And there’s something about how he said “Watch the goods, darlin'”. Mmmmmm…

Speaking of Johnny- When Willy Wonka was remade, all I heard for months was how I look like Johnny as Mr. Wonka.


of course, usually, I was not smiling so much. This picture is a rare exception. Probably because it was nearing Halloween.

Mike Rowe is an unusual pick for me. He’s got dreamy blue eyes and a ripped middle age working guy physique. That is not usually what I pine for. He seems to have a respectable personality, his butt looks good in jeans and he does some dirty, dirty work. Maybe he satisfies my farm girl need for a strengthy provider.

All in all, I like the skinny nerds, tall and geeky as possible. I’ve even threatened to lock one in my basement, just to borrow his tech skills at my whim. I also like a rogue bad ass, tattoos and facial hair either resembling a devilish goatee or jesus style black locks. I won a nerd minus the tech skills. He’s a classy Stephen Colbert type conservative, with a wit to match.

Which brings me to the latest. Colbert’s hair is awesome. Shiny, suave and classic. He doesn’t get me hot, but he’s damn handsome to look at. And dare I say he’s funnier than Stewart?

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Savory Things

dewdrops on eyelashes
dewdrops on eyelids and spellbinding black kittens
ascension on alabaster clouds and shameless admittance
auburn leaves in windstorms violently rustling
these are a few of my savory things
chalk colored spirits and cream in my coffee
string quartet sunsets and possessions with apostrophes
ravens that fly with full moon on their wings
these are a few of my savory things
Men in white collars with red paisley neckties
his finger tracing softly up black stocking’d thighs
blessings abundant, for we have our rings
These are a few of my savory things.
When you take things for granted
When you get in a cycle of drudgery
When you lack common joys
Take notice of your list of savory things
and life will be more enjoyed
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Here Kitty. Nevermind.

here kitty. nevermind

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libation, vivation, celebration, consummation

 13 Years of Grand Bliss!

I guess we’re a little dab of quirky quaint as a couple.

Lucky 13 was a monumental day for us. I had lost the diamond from my ring earlier this year. Because we’re both sentimental softies, it was quite a blow. I went without my ring for several months waiting for the time, money and gumption to get it fixed. My grandma came through with the lonely diamond earring, saying I should have it since the other was lost. It was the exact right size. The setting belonged to my husband’s mother. Now that is has been set and repaired, I have a wonderful blended family heirloom to prove my fidelity. I did not tell him she had given me the diamond, or that I took it to get fixed. We went to about the swankiest restaurant in our area, ordered whatever we wanted, lobster, wine, dessert wine, you name it. We really maxed it out! I gave him the ring and had him put it back on for me. Finally, I feel complete again! We danced, laughed, played bocce… It was like falling in love again for the first time! I love that man, and if God has any mercy, he will allow us a lifetime together.


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Slow progress

I’ve finally managed to finish something. It’s damn near May!¬† Egads. I need to spend more time in that art room. Time is in a sieve.

So here’s one I started about a year ago:

(sorry the pix aren’t the best. I think I need a new camera)


















I did this one a few years ago. I just refound it. The medium is pastels, and I used my thumbprints to make the background. Add this one to the androgenous soul series…


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Pencil Fanged


There is something about clenching a writing tool in my mouth that makes me a more pensive and hurriedly productive writer. There is something about perching a writing tool atop my ear that makes me feel like a sloppy, stressed-out journalist. There is something about putting a writing tool in my hair that makes me all business and no play, but that pencil is well within reach and able to be removed in a hurry. There is something about lacking a writing tool that makes me feel vulnerable.

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Purging and Regret

Like many, over years I had collected things
bright and shiny, interesting,
some bits obtained on a whim,
items were inherited, or simply given
or perhaps were with me from the start
…until I fell apart
At some point in my discovery
of who I am, of my history
the good, the bad, the worst, the best
I stood back and surveyed the mess
And in paring down the the sizely heap
discarded what I ought to keep
Childhood memories were first
for those were best, I left the cursed
in the heap to dwell upon
for these were where lessons were born
Next I gave up hope because
It always collected static fuzz
Oh, how the clearing made me feel clarity
stripping down to the ‘barren me’.
a representation¬†of what I thought I’d need
ready on the shelf for the very next deed:
my broken heart, aching soul, paranoia, distrust
pain, poetry, indecisiveness, and dust
Those comforting threads and trophies of mine
distinguished who I was at that time
flash forward to now, so plainly I see
what more I’ve discarded and kept within me
But daily I lose things I wish I had kept
I’m confused, my failing memory leaves¬†me bereft
As I wander through thistles and brambles and weeds
Searching for remnants of the former ‘me’
I stumble upon one of my discarded trinkets
Knowing I know it, but just can’t rethink it
The familiar sight would bring back memories for most,
I’m defeated by shock in the undergrowth.



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Somebody fire the hostage negotiator

money whore
We’ve a perverbial gun to our head
and the hostage negotiator shouts,
“If we¬†don’t want to end up¬†dead,
we’ve got to ‘help’ the Economy out.”
Stimulate the Economy
scrape up what little cash you’ve got
and do a seductive strip tease
to make it’s wallet hard and hot.
Stroke Economy’s down low digit
and make it rise from it’s limp state
you must act now, no time to fidget
’tis your dutiful obligation to fellate
Bury the reason that guides your hands
and says you don’t need something new
you’ve got to work those glands
’cause Ecomony won’t be satisfied til you’ve been screwed.
Breathe hard and deep into Economy’s ear
and speak of all the things you wish you could buy
that’s the arousing words he needs to hear
and he’ll seek out this shady guy
“Uncle Sam, he’s a good friend, and will do anything for me
You and the next two generations could be his whore
You can have everything, dear, he’ll loan you limitless money
Because I know you. You always want more.
You can pay him back, but give the lent money to me
For the pleasure of pleasing me and my knob
Oh, we can stimulate each other mutually
And have fun making many new ‘jobs’.”
That hostage negotiator’s bad advice
has bound us even tighter
and now we’ve got this greedy vice,
a fruitless, empty exciter.
So, whores of the Economy
rest your hopes on mud
or give your pimp autonomy
let it whack it’s own pud.
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Bad news day



When I close my eyes, the curtains start to rise, and Mr. Skeleton comes dancin’ to my dreams. And when I wake at dawn, the dream lingers on, and vainly for better days I pray.

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what a big bite that sinks beneath
Oh, there will be skin in our teeth
tomorrow, and I’ll say it was fun
that spear, it was rapture
that had me tossing, but captured
the target in the sites of your gun
Oh sweet misery, captain
I reluctantly lapt in
your ocean, viscous and pale
On your wall, mount me
to your fish-friends, recount me
the resplendent bonny white wale
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He was a good man… until she came along.

There is a song about a man who wanted to wed a beautiful woman, and keep his purity intact until their wedding night. She convinced him otherwise, and it tormented his now hell-bound soul. To rectify what she took from him, he offed her.

There's this song about a man who wanted to wed this beautiful girl while still in his purity. She convinced him otherwise and it tormented his now damned soul. So he offed her.

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