Here Kitty. Nevermind.

here kitty. nevermind

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The Coming…

Now that things have settled down in my little crumb of the universe, I am back in total control of my thoughts. No longer am I consumed by the robotic motions and seemingly endless stream of preparative thoughts that have cycled through my brain all summer. There has simply been too much to do, and now I’ve hit the brakes. It’s my time.

I am back to having my usual cacophony of random thoughts in poetic tones. Between the megastores’ removal of school supplies and replacing of Halloween props and the changing of the seasons, the giddy antsiness is welling up deep down within me. Already, the air is thick with the farmer’s harvest dust, which brings on the grand, red magnified moons. I have 3 ripe pumpkins. We had our first break from the sun today. Folks, I am hatching plans of my own accord. The sense of contentedness is washing over me like a rogue wave.


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tHe vERy WIckeD apple tree knOWs

My halloween stains are all over your sheets
I’m your candied apple, ready to eat
my heart skips, but you don’t miss a beat
your horror’s filling me up, I’m too lost to scream
the trick or treaters’ ghosts hover and observe,
my resign and your powerful nerve
your razor fingers trace my curves
giving me the torture that I deserve
 a puppet of your pierced voodoo
oozing devil’s residue
churning out my wicked brew
in response to all you do
you’re all tangled in my gossamer hair
you try to break free, but I’m trapping you there
my arms are branches that have covered your bare
you must be careful, sir, who you scare.
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