Snapshot Conversation

“I knew a woman once who was so clueless. She gave her cat a zen garden thinking it would find peace. That is just wrong on so many levels.”

“What crazy person buys stuff like that for their cat anyways? Cat people are such nutjobs.”

“Yeah, well this lady was one for sure. She didn’t quite think it through.”

“Well, I guess the cat didn’t need a rake.”

“No. He did find his own kind of peace, though. It made a great litterbox!”

“Haha. Maybe the cat has the right idea. We should learn from this wise creature.”

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Snapshot conversation

My daughter, currently caught between childhood and the heavy dealings of maturity was watching a game show.
“Name something you take care of so it will last a long time.”
“Cars” “Jewelry” “A home” “pets”
“Stupid people! Say Relationships! Marriage and relationships!”
Folks, this nearly brought a tear to my eye. She’s learning.

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