Movie Idea #2

So the timing is off on this one, but it still seems like a good movie idea to me, and this one didn’t come to me in my sleep.

There is a group of American Terrorists. (no I don’t always think of terrorists) They have different ideals than the rest of us, and are committed long term to their cause much like Extremist Muslim terrorists. They have other resources, technology and are willing to take it slow to get it right. They believe their cause is a noble one (Who wouldn’t? It helps one sleep at night) They have developed a toxin that has been injected into a committed member (hehe). He has received this toxin over time in gradual innoculating doses. He has a clean record, and behaves as an upstanding gentleman. He is the weapon. The victim is a female who happens to be running for president. Although she is married, and an ice cold bitch, she is in a staged marriage. It’s more for show than love. This gentleman courts her, and melts her ice cold heart with intent to “inject” his toxin into her. (you know how) Imagine scenes of his personal torment when during the years upon years while he is being innoculated and loaded with this toxin, that he is unable to be intimate with anybody. Although he may be tough, cold, calculating, committed to his cause, and cerebral about the whole thing, he is essentially human. Everything is going according to plan, and his mob of hi-tech cronies couldn’t be happier. He does get excited about the prospect of making love again. He actually gets to know the ice cold bitch in a way no one ever has, and although his mind struggles with his deep seated hatred for what she represents, who she is and what she does, he begins to fall for her. Of course none of his cronies realize this, because charming her is part of the plan. But now he is torn. If he makes love to her, she will die. If he offs his cronies, and tries to get with her, he will never be able to make love to her or anyone. EVER. He is a martyr after all. Also, she’s running to be the freakin’ president. He can’t just swoop in and be with her quite so easily. UNLESS she doesn’t win and slips out of the public’s eye. Is there a way to film someone who expresses that they are so fucked they look like their eyes are bugging out and their head will explode?

Here’s a fun idea. Suggest potential actors. Who would be the gentleman, and who the stone cold politician bitch?

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Movie idea #1

This one came to me in a dream. It scares me that good ideas are possible in dreams, because, well, aren’t we all accustomed to things that don’t make sense while slumbering?

So here goes:

Al Qaeda has scientists on their payroll, who have discovered how to take microscopic atomic particles and launch them into the atmosphere. The particles hitch a ride with a particular weather system. At first the world is dumbfounded, but through time and a series of discoveries finds out that Al Qaeda did it. The particles swirl around with the jet stream and travel the globe affecting one region after the other. It leaves the vegatation and crops burned, people who are exposed get radiation or horrific skin burns. It takes years upon years for humankind to adjust, until mainstream science discovers a way to get rid of the problem. Many lives were lost in the process, many disfigured, and bouts of famine and panic ensued. What AlQaeda didn’t realize is that by assaulting the entire world’s population, it caused the people, who care to not to die for holy causes, the ability to come together and adapt to maintain life. Roofs were changed in material, different textiles, hats, clothes were adapted to repel the radiation. Sensitive groups had to remain in at all times during this ‘passover’, and hydroponics were the best way to keep feeding our population. To the weather person on the news, it became commonplace to report that the atomic jet stream is here again for it’s (how ever many times a year it came around) bi annual visit, and it would be indicated on the satellite map showing red streaks in the jet stream.  

I haven’t considered characters, dialogue, how it ends, or any of those important details. Just the concept. The thing with sci-fi and suspense movies/books is that, to act as filler, there always has to be some interpersonal drama or issue with the main character that is aside from the actual main point in the movie. I’d like to leave huge back story lines out of this and just use a series of random people as characters and describe the emotions and natural human nature that occurs when problems of this magnitude occur. If you want to write the book/screenplay, let me know. I’m too busy. But don’t steal my ideas. After all, this was a dream I had! I’ll work with you on it.

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