I’ve come down with a fever
My temp is dependent on a few numbers
30 and rising is the difference in degrees between us
and 86.7 are the miles keeping us apart
And, honey, it’s so hard
All I want is to break this fever
And smash my self deep into your toasty skin
You’re the only warmth I want seeping in
Squirming and writhing through this valley fume
Just to reach you, I’ll scale tasks and maps
I’ll span the schedule gaps
And launch myself into your lap

The seizures I suffer,
Aftershocks and twitches, my lover;
Your steam whispered hot…
I am finding this tougher to survive
It’s much easier to admit this
That all I want
Is to call in sick and
Suck your sweat
Into every damn pore of mine,
Break this fever
Like an egg over your lips
And quiet my convulsive quiver
Beneath those silky fingertips

So if you want to know
why I am glowing these many days;
burning and biting and restless,
It is that untempered temperature
My heart smashing arrhythmically
Desperate for a degree
That washes me with ease

The doctor said
My pharmacy is on a swift road west
I guess there will be relapse after relapse
And perhaps with frequent treatment
And your hands behind my knee bends
Together, we can beat, this.

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Explore. Adore.

I’ll follow you down paths I would not have otherwise taken
Only to see the joy on your face,
To feel the world as you want it,
To be part of the landscape when you fondly remember.

We’ll cut back and forth
Like giggling pixies chasing through forest groves
Dabbling, each, in the course of our lover
Reveling in the newness when we crossover

This is new love, or insightful love,
And not the deep and selfish rooted groove
That forgets growing together means branching out
Kissing leaf to leaf
And twining up towards canopies.

I am you are me, but not the same
We are singular entire separate hearts and brains
Bold diving faith in foreign terrain
And each we are, which each with to be
Parallel pioneers braiding amourific symmetry

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