Game for 1

You built a fantasy I didnt create

You filled in the blanks

And signed my name

You rolled the dice and moved my piece
bet on the wrong deal
and lost your fleece

I’m finding out who you’re bein’
The dead end your facing
And the ghosts you’re seein’

I’ve gone round and round to dizziness
I signed a different contract
And I mind my business

I’m stacking pages in this wicked lore
Spread that ink
And shake that core

All these sheets of ink and beds that sink
I sleep in the middle
And you still drink

And I’ve shredded everything that binds
Shed obligation
And crossed the lines

To be alone with myself, rediscovered
A free agent
I float and don’t hover

I checked my strength, checked my hits
On my own,
I know I got this

I asked to play, not compete
And what’s the point
When you just cheat?

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House of Cards

Sweet dreams
to all the kings
and queens
in my house of cards.
Sounds of shuffling dulled,
Jokers fooled into discard piles,
Fanned hands face down,
Spades scooping for ground,
Wagers surrendered in whole.
Draw pile pillows 
stocked with diamonds
I’m in
ceilings of hearts
tempting a tumble.
The hand dealt:
bent aces and one-eyed jacks,
cracks too wide to balance
Kingdoms long abandoned
and gambled
for greener felt
poker table pastures,
asking for hits just past 21.
3 of a kind,
We’ll find
a full deck
Worth playing with;
Fair games,
glossy new coats.
empty sleeves
and no bluffing.
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