Good grief.

There’s such a thing

I have it everyday.


I mourn my being

With a grin

Such entities give way.


They say we are

Afraid of death,

Yet I am an exception.


I anticipate

My final breath

A lovely predilection.

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The aura of euphoria

Has moved me to my death.

I smell the scent of heaven

As I draw each struggling breath.


So displaced, so distraught

The angels bound my arms.

They hold my soul for ransom,

Yet hinder me from harm.


Keeping me in vacuity,

Waiting for His words.

Such torment in expecting wrath

Euphoria gets so blurred.

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Right now.

It’s one of the times when I,

To the best of my ability,

Cannot force even a fake smile to my pale lips.


My unvaried face sits stagnant upon my neck,

Unwilling to change expression,

Gently sliding into another gaunt pool of nothing on the sidewalk.


To imagine,

A month pass by not one thought untainted…

Every beautiful thought has jagged teeth

And an imperil growl.


The lifestyle has been sustained for many more months than this.


And you may not know that it’s too late to pull out.

I am now like the intoxicated junkie;

The fertilized woman…


So fill me with your antitoxins;

Abort the evil imp in my womb.

Just one glimpse of a memory

Can place me in my grave.

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It’s quiet in here.

You could hear a pin drop.

But it’s not pleasant,

Only vacant.


It’s not half full.

It’s dry as a bone.

And there’s not an echo,

Because there’s not a voice.


It’s a quiet place,

Where I hide.

There’s NOTHING there;

So I don’t count

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The Fisherman

He will tempt them.
They will give in.
He hides his gaff,
And charms their simple minds.
They struggle for a moment.
They fight for one last breath.
One greedy intention; a twisted perception,
Fell prey to the king of the food chain.
They secrete their anguish-
He’s such a sport.
Inefficient gluttony
Rejected for the massive one.
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A hollow cavity

Wax disperses.

I tumble down

Inside myself.


In the cavern…


Within me.


Find only dark-

Devoid of end.

The wick is singed

Light descends

Eyes flicker

For a brief breath (lost).


Wander farther

-missing person-

grieve alone, please

I grieve alone.


Cease the day

Shaded perpetuity

The wax has melted

I cannot place it…


The candle has burnt out.

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Dawn’s Horizon

As I draw
 Each breath,
   I sink beneath
    Unbroken surfaces
      Unspoken bindings
        Bemused in departure
          Doused by hate
           Tempted to perish.
             Poniard compulsion
              Bound in truth
               Paralyzed by faith
                Clutching the discontent
                  Of a new day’s birth.
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For every hideous face you scowl

And every brutal word you utter,

My outlook is so bitter,

I hide my face in sullen shame.

Learching on the hope of someone

Yearning for help to evade


Pondering all the difference promised

Arguing for the sake of life

Rendering the identity of faith

Eating away the little girl who smiled.

Now you’ve forced me to lie down

Teetering on a harsh word spoken

Sodden, complicated enough to drown.

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