The choir of balance

Can an angel and a devil
respect each other?
I have employed them both
to sing in my choir
Harmoniously, with a sad song
making one squirm,
elated and troubled,
discomfort and pleasure,
raising the pulse
and then dropping it
with a quiet pause
like an elevator, cables cut
and before one can redraw the lost breath
from the ominous plunge,
the glorious voices rejoin
giving the audience weightlessness
and fresh air that blows clear through
to the toes and fingers, and every cell
Not sure if it’s heaven or hell,
But the choir of balance
that makes me glad to be
a human
immersed in imperfection and perfection
with my angels and devils in perfect harmony
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The Making of an Angel

You want to learn how to fly?
I can show you how.
Close your eyes, and spread your arms
And jump right off. Now don’t look down.
It feels like falling, it seems like dreaming.
You cannot soar if you are screaming.
Have some hope, it gives you wings
Have some trust in the impossible things.
You’re quickly running out of sky
Brace yourself here comes the ground!
Don’t forget to trust in God…
Remember? angels fly.
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