No hiss

There hung a single icicle
puncturing the pregnant moon, sinking

I came to pray to the night,
give my winter confession,
whisper visible breath
in hopes the silence would steal it
and I knew it would
because the moon, she made it far enough
to escape the chill that would expose
her leaking air;
the sound already stolen away

The round world will never know tonight, we deflated, you and I.


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I wasn’t your first mistake

I wasn’t your first mistake
But I was the one that lasted longest
I was 10 weeks gestated
When you were doing bong hits

When I arrived, slipping, oozing
out your cold crack
you put down the pipe long enough
to kindly ask to send me back

When you screw-up and close your eyes
Sometimes problems go away.
You’ve got a few souvenir scars
But I am the biggest, by far…

You’ve spent my whole life
wishing penises had eraser tips
And you feel gyped that you
Didn’t learn anything from all of it

Thought I’d worry about being a disappointment?
Nah, I think you got this
I was late to your personal party
And I ruined it

There’s a lot of rue in your gret
But the re- hasn’t happened yet
Most of the crap you’d do all over again
But I was doo you would’ve held in


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