Every step has its own set of steps
A fractal that spirals,
into infinite fractions
And we are the catalyst
That sets off chain reactions

Whether positive or negative
There is a way in which we came
There is a way in which we leave
All these steps,
Footprints in ladders that
Wind into our biological code
Odes in measures and quickening tempo

You remember just the melody, faintly
While you must concurrently play on
every half and quarter note as if you know
dividing time into beats

And with seams in the cement
We lament in our pace
The price we pay
in threatening our DNA
knowing ladders are chains
Each wrung detailed in wood grain
Linked to heavens and hells
Cell division, microaggressions
Descending and ascending…

And I must say,
If you cannot keep up,
If you need to break these steps
into the smallest pieces,
I’m sure the molecules don’t mind being smaller
You’re doing fine
At your pace.

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