I make my own sparks

I don’t want you to go away
Leavin my heart cold,
Without a flame
So I get that burn by looking at the stars
And the flicker starts me up again
Queen of hearts
A king tide
And a jack of all trades

I make my own sparks

Moonlight blue and a cigarette
Hugging trees
Sandy red toes getting wet
And on the times
When our fires meet again
I wanna blaze
Be amazed
Burn some kindlin

I make my own

Crackle happy
Warm and serene
Waves of red and coal
Still lit
not cold
Full with fuel
And sometimes low and blue
And I still burnnnn

I make my own sparks

Brighter (blow)
Brighter (blow)
Brighter (blow)
Brighter (blow)

Sparkle, let it twinkle,
Sing aloud
Bellow puff (poof)
I am really going now
Stand back
Or singe in sync
I think I wanna
paint the wood
with keroseeeeeene

If ya want a few sparks
I could surely
Lend a few
I hope you can tend
Them, oxygen them,
Let them grow in you

I’ve been smoldered and smothered before
hissing in commingled ashes
But not anymore
I’m the lit pilot
Baking me warm
On in a jiffy
Giving and giving
Predictably heating
Stoked by evvverything I’m seeing

Oh dooooood…
So many sparrrrrrrks!!!

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