Accidental Burial at Sea

I lower cased until I CAPSIZED
Adrift and split
Eyes narrowing
It drank me like tea at sunrise
Abyssmal kiss
I stared too long and fell in
And whole!; descending…
The ephemeral throat could gargle me
Salt sterile
We’ll find out which beastly fish are feral
I’m a feast of goo
Scraping the floors of liquid limbo
Sway dancing in my gelatinous ignorance
Dismantling one bite at a time
Just like all my days before
But now,
I’m already gone and don’t care
This is the last meal

Give me coral reef ribs
And lurking crabs in my skull
I give thanks to
The pall-bearing aqua layers
That buried me soft
And the pinhole of light;
My last sight
When I made peace
With the deep

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  1. Man muss die Tiefe verstecken. Wo? An der Oberfläche. (Hugo von Hofmannsthal) I don’t know how much German you know, but it seems to me that you do a lot. I am but a faithful follower and collector of treasures made by you, thankful until the ocean wears Wellingtons to keep it’s bottom dry. My wife once wrote about “cap” bekoming the German word “kaputt” with some remarkable alterings on the way from Latin to French to Dutch.
    So the seawisdom in your lines is doubled joy – despite the fact that Ariel’s song and other hommages are so lightly made into something very own of Nora Noir.

    Aus der Tiefe des Alltags und tief erfreut


    • Wow! What a quote! Thank you for your kind words, Rolf-Bernhard! I’m obsessed about all things sea. When one looks at my writing, that thread flows throughout. I also have art to show my fanaticism. I am on the verge of some major life changes, and this is somehow giving me more time to write. Thank you for staying tuned over these years! 🙂

  2. I have a sinking feeling I can relate to this from the very depths of my soul… as always, Ms. Noir, your flow and feelings wash over me.

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