Roll my heart in glue and glitter

Tie my smile into balloon animals,
Roll my heart in glue and glitter,
Adorned with pompom balls and pipe cleaner
and give it to your mom for the fridge

I’ve got a kindergarten heart a-patter pitter
That dreams of you on nap mats
And wants the seat next to you at snack
I tease and tag so you’ll tag back

Let’s make believe we are big
The world is small
And we own it all
Bury our army men and plastic dolls

Share your pudding
For my chips,
Somersaults till sunset,
Duck duck goose and back flips

Innocent love,
Flashlights in forts,
Punch stained smiles
And hot lava tiled floors

We don’t know any better
With our child eyes
But better is hard to prove
When age and time edifies

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