Cryogenic Martyr

Winter is a denial;
playground earth is shut down and inaccessible.
I hide inside the walls and deeper, yet;
shut down and inaccessible.
No reaping chill will find me.

Merely 2 months ago,
I bent my body beneath the limbo bar
And now,
there is no space left
only arrested, stiff defeat

There is a sole rescuer
to swaddle me in Gortex and down
and eskimo kiss my popsicle nose
who reveals swingsets, trails
and margarita cold sunsets

I am the cryogenic martyr,
the suspended neanderthal of an ice age
waiting to hear chisel or drip
My own thoughts reverberating
in a molecularly small space

Such aches from stifled nights and days!
I say if such an attack
causes us to dart from shelter to shelter
that I will not be a hero today
but I will be your recon mission

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The breathing elements

When my eyes are swallowing
majesty bolting in rays from behind 
skies full of clouds,
mountains stacked tall on 
the sighing ground,
I imagine this earth like
Grandpa’s Thanksgiving-full napping tummy
rising in and out,
an alive giant,
a witness to the bustling motion
of slow evolution manifested 
in lazy rivers crawling over sedimentary slabs,
fields electric with wild mustard seed,
boulders spewed from ancient volcano,
and hatch cracked by winter’s freeze.
There is a grand affect,
a connect,
that overcomes my distracted humanity,
that seas of blacktop, stucco, and steel
will never my attention so command
as this virgin landscape
this time-carved land.
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Liquid lips

Liquid lips
Splash to kiss
Our Submarine ripples blip
Beneath the surface, slipped

Harpoon hips
Sway and dip
Fervor flowing flesh splash flip
Making waves that lick and drip

Intrepid eyes
Lash blink like
Fins in spasmodic flight
In the abyss' naughtical night

Periscope Penis
Risen between us
We dove so deep just
To fathom the freeness

Torpedo Tongues
Siren sung
Salty swallowed aqualung
Soaked until it can't be wrung

Porthole Peepers
Dilate deeper
Soul shock slick seeper
Oil orgasmic spilling weeper

Surfacing serenity
Enchating entity
Visceral vessel capsized virginity
Encapsulated by salinity
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I am a paler blue than you are used to

I am a paler blue than you are used to
I am milk from the breast
The blind man’s eye
The morning sky
I am a paler pink and it’s not like you think
I am the dead man’s skin
The winter cheek
Wheezing life, oblique
I am twisted spine wrapped in barbed wire and twine
The clink on dinner glass
The old barn in the wind
Weakened, thin
I’m a softer gray than I was yesterday
I am the abandoned school’s window
The late autumn fog
The belly-up pollywog
Trapped beneath ice
I am a horrid last gasp
The precipice teetering boulder
The secret the dying man told her
I am all that fizzles
The last millimeter of wick
I am the faint sound of haunting
That is actually nothing blowing in the wind
I am the last straw the cow devours
In a land of famine
Digested four times before
The final feast is never more
I am the fraying shroud
on the cold slab
the scratching dry quill
the unfinished words of the will
I am the ruins
behind the undergrowth
I am the ship on the ocean floor
a splinter on death’s door
I am a palor of green
A mold on the cheese
I am the child that floats
the hanged man’s throat
I am a gutter of leaves
after four months of rain
I am slime
I block the drain
I am ash on a bonnet
the clay on work boots
I am the broken ax
the recipient of forty whacks
I am all that decays
I am all that stops shining
I am all of the hues
of adieu
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