Sparkling Season

Christmastime is so full of sparkles, glitter, twinkling… Why?
All these pretty things that catch our eye;
dangling orbs and flickering lights,
and moonlit snow we ne’er get to see,
it is all part of the holiday revelry.

Shiny papered boxes, big bowed, stacked to build eagerness,
trees adorned with flashy dress,
sparks that fly under a mistletoe’s kiss;
we gather to sing shimmering songs of soul-tingling faithfulness.

All around, sensations blink us into joy;
glistening sugar cookies and battery powered toys.

We give much less than we can all take in,
in this dazzling, hurried, incandescent season.

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Soul Food

Seems I only behave
 when in the beam of god's gaze;
 in the strobe of his blinking
 there's a lot of hell I raise

Temptation is a constant
 but it's an apple if you want it
 and any fox knows
 low hanging fruit will taunt it

There's big brother, and then big father
 sometimes he doesn't bother
 to spy, for he knows
 free will is just swine fodder

Man procreates with glee
 fattening its soul with carnality
 He hath preparest us a heavenly meat hook on high
 where our souls might dangle free

Christ taught us to feed on his flesh
 It's the lesson we should've learnt best
 He showed us self surrender
 for deities are quite ravenous

WE are the salt of the Earth
 veal right from birth
 that vigilant shepherd standing near
 measuring our sins, eyeing our girth.
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