Say something or nothing at all

get out the gag or lets have a ball

hours of words I want dripping down my leg

are stifled by silence, cause me to beg

Lovers forget the keys handcuffs require

wrought in the irons of their verbal fire

Wriggle your whipping tongue in the odes

of impressionable lines, lashes of code

that impress every part of me, exposed

But instead, here we sit, with mouths safety pinned

staring at each other, hand curled ’round armrest ends

hush clenched fingernails deep digging in

Single fingers on lips never rub quite enough

to start dialogue, garrulous dialogue, that strips me to buff

I’ve orifices at the ready to receive your tirade

Articulate diction to undo the bed that we made

Open your mind, our hearts, your mouth, my thighs

I’m all ears, well, almost, if you’re one of those guys

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The Truth is a Noose

Candor is less appreciated
than one might think
you’re your own fink
your free speech will construct
the walls of your own damned clink
In the solitary confinement built
and the silence there
with racing thoughts of what you shared
you’ll wish you could unspeak it all
Your duty is now your despair
The truth is a noose;
uncensored words make knots,
oxygen lost,
choking off reconciliation
when only honesty was sought
Forget the conscience.
And that damned tree.
Lie and walk free
tie your tongue instead
only confess on bended knee
For the truth can be bent
farther than a spine
at the end of a tied line
so spin a yarn
and buy some time
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