Bad Investments

Your liabilities outweigh your assets
But I still invested
In us.
Your name in red parenthesis,
Inked with blood from my overdrawn heart
Our deficit, a grim report
Charts dipping into great depressions
Negativity on every telling page
Bouncing reality checks 
You spend everything on nothing to show
forgotten unclaimed bonds
now rendered unpayable
made some risky trades that did not pay off
and perhaps diversified a little too much
on shady start-ups
and now your crippling debt to love
has you pawning prized possessions
maybe you should have put everything in mutual funds
I hear they’re safe
and stashed away some love for those rainy days
and invested in real estate
(if you keep it for a long, long time, it appreciates)
but it’s too late now
and very sad your heart went bankrupt
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The Search

There’s a needle in the haystack
And a man in the moon
I’m forever finding
Pain in pricks,
from grabbing at straw
Distant smiles in cold blue stones
I cannot reach

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Femme Fatale

Her beauty is imminent danger:
Ringlets tailspin from her head
dive bomb and crash into her shoulders
A collarbone set like a bear trap
Dagger sharp nails soaked in victim red
Her tsunami sway hips’ destructive tides
Quicksand lips and a tongue like a whip
Lead pipe legs that blind with their glisten
Piercing eyes that break skin
drawing blood from your heart
to the surface by tiny pinpricks
Lampshade fringe eyelashes
luring the moths
Cannonball breasts ready to ignite
And the hourglass figure that warned you
Your time is almost up!

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Half Handed Hope

Half handed hope
leaves room
to grope fantasies
palm wide,
for reality
to collide in loose grasps
pawing warm laps,
to dog ear chapters of chaps
summoned from the past.
Half handed grace
a space for
honest evaluation
given to temptation
Mistakes in the making
Roads untaken
Uncharted stumbles
brought by
Empty hands who’ve caught on
To devour and shake bare
The covered skin left there
Half handed love
Ventricles spurting through
Gloves, fingerprints at crimes
And apprehensive minds
Stealing a glance taking a
chance with sordid fates
Mismatched mates’ scarlet spectrums,
Electrons, fusing with dopamine fools
bartering with ropes and pulleys  pulled
fully engaged in nothing much
but transitory transactions
with traction and such
Half Handed faith
surrender displaced,
proof displayed in vile
cages of contagious spite, delight
in firm beliefs
yet still bereaved
clapped away in shoddy locks
but perps will
walk free and believe
in themselves but ask for help
nevermind, I’m doing well
enough to tell tales of 
broken wings and my dreams
crushed by the escaping  
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