The illusionist

You said the magic was gone.
I was wrong
To sit wide-eyed and entertained, awed
For so long
No mystical charm exists.
It’s only tricks,
Illusions I insisted on believing
Bereaving supernatural fancies
So exquisitely performed
Watching you pull helpless animals from hats
And this fool dared clap?!
Snot soaked hankies turned to carnations,
pick a card any card but hearts.
And I knew when you,
Pulling silver dollars from my ear,
How clear, my dear, it was a fraud
but I was wrong.
There’s slight of hand,
And then there’s slight of heart.
It’s hard to tell the two apart.
Introduce the final act:
Saw the woman in half
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There is only punishing when one allows it
There is cruelty, yes, and discipline
But thoughts cannot be controlled.
It is a choice to suffer;
An invitation to pain and perhaps contrition
That must be accepted.
Destruction and assault are tangible, sensed
Though the power is lost
When cheeks are turned.
Licks and shocks may not coerce
Confessions sought
Enemies kept close yield disclosure
Caring begets hope for real change

Punishment is only for the punisher.

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House of Cards

Sweet dreams
to all the kings
and queens
in my house of cards.
Sounds of shuffling dulled,
Jokers fooled into discard piles,
Fanned hands face down,
Spades scooping for ground,
Wagers surrendered in whole.
Draw pile pillows 
stocked with diamonds
I’m in
ceilings of hearts
tempting a tumble.
The hand dealt:
bent aces and one-eyed jacks,
cracks too wide to balance
Kingdoms long abandoned
and gambled
for greener felt
poker table pastures,
asking for hits just past 21.
3 of a kind,
We’ll find
a full deck
Worth playing with;
Fair games,
glossy new coats.
empty sleeves
and no bluffing.
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