when you touch those strings
for hours after it reverberates,
adrenaline shaking me delirious
like holy spirit epileptic manifestations
in the aisles of your rhythmic temple
romantically cleansed in the murkiest of baptisms
you sing,
and it carves me hollow,
scraped clean, empty,
guts and seeds, stripped bare to the rind and lit up smiling
every note
standing hairs on end till I’m a forest
lost in the bewildering wilderness you croon
these heart wrenching choral confessions
that unfurl in wooden ribbons
from your oaken diaphragm roots,
rising up and out, scratching and grabbing air
growing into every open ear,
holding attention boa tight
your gnarling lyric branches
weaving through every orifice
choking the sun with sweet darkness
 just keep me captive
tethered and chained to your next word,
my lungs asphyxiating
in the black ink lagoon
you’ve spelled your lines and measures with
I’ve got it bad, this malady of your ballads
I want to manifest all your everythings
tie myself in strings
and set myself between your knees
the devil will believe me
I want to zip the flesh down from my neck
peel back my ribs and beg for another hit
your bow, in viscera slicing strokes
each horse hair cut, gut weeping enchantments
you play and we offer blood
I’m not sure who’s sacrificing
but I’ll give anything for more
there is no coming back to real life after this
this narcotic need to feed on
more scores
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