The Experiment!

arsenic aromatic

ache automatic

poison position

potent premonition

soft-serve sodomy

simple symbiotomy

you’re gonna get a lot of me

grapple grabber


ha-ha-ha hot hurt

he’s a heavy hammer

serendipity dilate

formulaic fixate

hypodermic hyperbole

cascading on my cruise control

perforating  pathway

a pleasant petrie paté

limbo locking

cock chalking

mighty meaty meltaway

burning bushy bombastic

slippery cellular spectacular spastic

nightie igniting knightly noble

streaking and strumming siren strobal

dynamite detonate uproarious

golden rush gush glowing glorious

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Low Expectations

The universe has rewarded
my low expectations.
It keeps me bobbing just on the opposite side of suicide
teasing me with that flaccid carrot;
and me, the fool,
who keeps reaching.
It unfolds before me
sarcasm, humility,
Murphy’s commandments…
It teaches me with pain,
ridicules my hope
and then gives me a taste
when I have given up.
It peppers me with tiny crises
until all I can taste is the heat
creeping up,
and just for juxtaposition,
throws a reality check
of ice water to my face
to show me what real crisis is.
The universe,
this great vast universe,
rewards my existence
by revealing the despair
in believing in fairytales,
the empty happiness
in social networking,
the infinite toil that fills my fridge.
I am a drain having it’s last slurp
I have put my hands in the earth
and have gardened in enough dirt
to make a 6 foot hole.
I’ve learned I have no control.
Even my best sometimes fails
and entitlement is a tale.
Happiness is letting go
and living with the results.
And if it works,
you can proclaim
that the universe is full of miracles.
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