The Will, Made Real

With my thoughts and your hands

together, we can make

what I can imagine

become reality.

If I can think it, you can craft it.

Together, we can revel

in my vision and your skill-

the will, made real.

If you can understand my plan

with those hands,

before our eyes,

dreams can be realized.

Sparks of intention can be set ablaze

by mutual execution.

Let’s put those hands to work, sir.

I can conjure your masterpiece.

We will concoct the tastiest recipes,

make music in all the keys,

and climax our way to pedantry.

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The bulbous mist hits

I’m in fits

I’ll grab whatever

sheets and skin

to wipe my chin

and lunge again


me down astride


gimme a little glide

and fold me in half

tease me with your gaff

tickle me till i laugh

now how ’bout a


make a map from the bottom back up

and feed me from your cup

play with the dials

for a while

I’m a hydreauphile

you can tongue me like a cat

who needs a bath

but I need wrath


open your drawer and give me everything you got

make sure I’m taut

and that X marks the spot.


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A Failure to Give is a Take

You’re gonna burn something down

my breaths are short and slow

no oxygen in my head

I’m dead

What you fail to give

is a take

I can’t fake

just to get by


I’ve let it all go…

you’re a leaf in the stream

or a failed dream

Like gum on my shoe

a mess that follows me

in strands of silly string

Communication is moot

anger is pointless

and reactions are fleeting

when you look at the rhythms

pretending like we make improv jazz

it’s you, playing the same canned lines

barely keeping time

and missing cues

now I’m on to blues

Ignite me already

I’m done fighting

this feeling

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