Dazzle Drive

Headlights dance on the diamond shoulders

a sparkling jewel encrusted belt parallel the interstate

an epitaph of accidents

of rear-ends who have seen too much action and torn rubber

of lives shook empty of their glitter

How this tragic twinkle makes a dazzling spectacle

perfect in unison with the concertos in my car

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Happy Birthday

Everything’s on cue

you wouldn’t know what to

if I told you

The annual let down,

the frown

is coming around

I’m all anointed

in the disappointed

I’m appointed

to be alone

in a clattered home

and write these poems

to get relief

from unchecked grief

and ignored beefs

It’s another year

and I’m still here

on the same tier

assumed to have provisions

but the incisions

show derision

I will display

and communicate

a need for an embrace

Alas, I am nobody’s princess and

just tissue wrapped crimson

my birthdays are just lonesome

I am a reflection

of decades of disconnection

and rejection

I can’t help but to think it’s my own fault.

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