Low Sodium

I’m in one of those moods where I want to tear myself down and rebuild from scratch.

I want to procrastinate all my responsibilities and sink into oblivion… or a bubble bath at least.

I want to drink tea with a friend and discover hidden truths about life and each other.

I want to get up and start doing all the things I want to do, but I’m afraid it will hurt.

I want enough energy to run for an hour straight.

I want nobody to depend on me for a good month or so.

I want to put a little salt on my life. I want to fucking taste it.

I want to hibernate starting now and come to in late March. I feel unresponsible for any actions that may happen in my waking time between these months during my non-humanlike state.

I need encouragement to keep the blood pumping into my brain half the year. If I’m lucky, this year I will do it and maybe I will actually feel alive!

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She ain’t heavy, she’s my woman.

Women have gravity within them

Like the ocean, phases of the moon

drive the flow

that keeps their earth fertile

Their magnetic field


and gives weight

to whatever is near

pulling them in

keeping them grounded.

Without the pillars of their strength

they would likely flip

and worldwide chaos would ensue.

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