Riding Thin

tenth pabst


this too will pass

pull strength

out of thin air

clean the bits from my hair

give it one more stab

in the gulch


the hurricane spins

a lot of people

ride thin and fall in

and still manage to swim

but I drown


I come around

and when my feet hit the ground

with purpose and sound

I give away

the urbane

to embrace the the slick terrain

one shoe will never know

if the other is completely blown

my audible groan

will let you know

at last I am home.

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  1. I hit the “rocked my socks off button,” but I know I had to think. It’s cool to read slow and see where each word takes you.

    The subliminal style had me rereading, and I looked up lower-case pabst.

    (previous post…I’m a total flea market junkie…)

    Hope life is treating you well there.

    • Thanks, bro. However subliminal it may be, it will remain elusive even to me. This was one of those freeflowing mad scrawls from a bad day, which are increasing in frequency. ( The days, not the scrawls) Some karma I have lately. After writing this I was consumed by some mutated strain of mosquito that left me welts that made my limbs swell and itch for 3 weeks straight. FML.

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