Best Course of Action

You should be whining.

It’s the best course of action.

Other people find other means to deal with this

and some get violent or really pissed

But I definitely think whining will give you traction.

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Give him a hand

the minutes tick without prodding

you’re an adult with a wristwatch

and no one is watching you

flick it hard and curse

as your imminent death draws nearer

I’ll give you my second chance,

’cause I don’t need it

we’re all human lives in garbage cans

waiting to be taken out

so don’t be late to the curb

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A Real Man

He smells like John Wayne:
campfires and stogies,
filthy heroic perspiration as pheromone lady bait
He feels like Death Valley:
his bristly skin like sandpaper to the touch,
his grainy landscape, molding and contouring to my succumbed body
He sounds like a pump action shotgun:
sliding into position, with a firm click
locked and loaded and ready to blast ammunition
He tastes like Apache smoked buffalo:
aged to perfection
sheets of shredded brawn to gnaw on
YET, he looks like a a tall glass of milk:
wholesome, and lanky
eyeglasses, and a fluidity that makes me want to drink him up.
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