The Clock Struck 2

everything is different than what you know from the last time

because the clock has chimed

it’s erased, replaced

somehow effaced

a gray blob in the heart of everyman getting thicker

it cuts quicker


a mysterious trend

prodding wonder, inexplicable, unanswerable damnation

god-forsaken, fucking taken

alien invasion

Cold, quiet, pit, icy despair

no, just not fair

but there it is




gone too soon

grab yer bottle and follow me to the tomb

sigh and sit

cry and shit,

doesn’t make sense, does it?

along the same incision… okay gash

another account rehash ash ash

stupid echo silence sobs

train-wreck moms

the blob barely throbs

and we wonder what we did wrong

we can lean on each other, like switch-stick huts

barely up and mostly numb

and weather this bastard storm

and for what?

It’s bad art, Lord, those boys

strewn out like Christmas lights on mangled metal

Would YOU settle

for an answer

that answers nothing at all?


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  1. holy crapolios. This one is really moving, and I like it. But I know that’s not what it’s about, either… liking it. It’s high art, though, ma’am. I’ll see you soon?

  2. Oh, and NOW I get it. I see, now that I read for content. (Sorry.)

    • Yeah, it sucks any way you slice it. We spent some time together the other night, and it was good. It’s a tragic story that seems to keep rearing it’s ugly mofo head. At this point, we get to be the grown-ups and take care of business for our reduced to crumbs, babbling, blubbering mothers. There’s absolutely nothing that can be said at this point, and only letting time slip by will carry us away from the intensity of the feelings. But we had time since the last time, and history is just insistent on repeating. It’s just fucking senseless why these things happen.

  3. Your words, picture and tags help me to understand.

    Hope you feel better as time will allow.

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