Scab Chewer

She’s a scab chewer
peeling back those crusty sores
with her dragon lady nails
until the oozing pulp is revealed
snacking gleefully and with malice
on the tender access points
in your armor.
She is vicious
and no amount of honey
can coat her scales
no slathering of agreement
and compliment
can gain her favor.
She is vile
and prefers to show it
with a devious smile
that reveals the teeth
that are caked with the scabs
of every person in her path
She is a bitch extrordinaire
with snakes for hair
and coal red eyes
who mounts herself
upon the pires of invisible power
and delights when you cower
She spits venom on skin
to make her victims
scab again
and turns others’ words
into ash for a badge on her sash
her nails dragging on the walls
of her lair
are her only comfort
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