The wifely whiff

crimson blush’ed rose
with lips and folds
so sweetly nectarous 
scented center entered
stem and stamen placed
into the connubial vase.
couple rose
 Not fewer words, was it Roger? Julio’s was still better though.
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  1. Fantastic! 🙂

  2. I think what’s hip about your work is you claim no formal training, yet everything is written with such flavor and richness; and, I have to use my dictionary everytime I read, too.

    • Wow, thanks Mr.! Perhaps I should post definitions of certain words on my posts from now on. That could be fun. Did I mention that I read an entire pocket dictonary while in high school and wrote down the words I wasn’t familiar with and studied them? It helped a little, but now my poor aging mind can’t seem to retain anything. I have purchased a dirty joke book, and have been memorizing jokes to tell as an exercise in memory. I LOVE telling and hearing jokes, but typically I can’t remember them, or mess it up. So far I’ve told 3 flawlessly. Woohoo!

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