The Collector

He collected stories like stamps,
gluing them in his mind’s spiral bound leaflets
and on occasion he would part those pages
brushing the dust away gingerly with his fingertips
to find they had aged, and cracked,
but more interestingly, had morphed
and only slightly resembled
the charming anecdotes they once were.
His stories were not usual ones
full of adversity, heroism, or moral.
Instead, they were whispers of depravity,
debauchery, and delicacy.
Loosely intertwined were blots of humor
dropped in the most indecorous places.
His stories were not fictional,
but they were in-credible and un-believable
to the audience of a few whom he cornered at debutante parties.
He was odd, and ofttimes avoided, but respected for his brilliance.
His hobby appalled and fascinated at the same time.
And his listeners in their black bow ties and tinsel gowns,
wide-eyed and rubber-necked,
once having eavesdropped,
would focus intently on his words, and still
remain to display disgusted looks on their faces.
This gentleman, with his idiosyncrasies,
like a ringmaster to circus freaks, yet
still warm and convivial,
and a restless insomniac,
made his nightly junket
into the dark passages of the world without slumber.
He befriended lost souls
that luck had ignored
and took their confessions, their plight
with an anthropological wryness, and
recorded them into his mind’s spiral bound leaflets
for no one’s sake or pleasure but his own.
He had no goal to educate his targets;
the slumberless, or the aural party voyeurs,
nor did he intend to change lives.
His tales were not wrought with sympathy.
Like a grandmother’s teacups on a shelf,
he sought different patterns, and stockpiled
not something so rare,
as something so rarely treasured.
But as time promoted his body,
so his yarns became tangled.
The bindings that held the pages were loose.
Some pages had drifted out into oblivion, undetected,
on the occasions he would finally sleep long enough to dream.
The gritty details which made his gems so tactile
had disintegrated and left, mostly, the core of the chronicles.
With little to preserve,
he fumbled to save them,
confusing the delineation between events, instead
weaving an incongruous braid of torpid remarks.
In his confusion and mournfulness,
he staggered through the shadowy sleepless underground
trying to repair the finer membranes of his memory.
Whilst striving to re-piece events with those he’d collected from,
he’d get it wrong, and mistakenly divulge private goodies
to those who trade such secrets like currency in the underground.
His sufferance increased as those who sought to silence him
paid him in pain and harassment.
The congenial man with the sardonic wit,
trusted and revered by many social classes
and always sure to repulse with a calm and matter-of-fact demeanor,
had become useless to everyone, even himself.
His only choices were to forsake his quest to reclaim his joy
by retreating into his lonely apartment,
with little left to draw fondly upon
for the rest of his long nights and miserable days;
or to go full balls-out into the sooty depths
of the whores, the beggars, the addicts, the sociopaths,
the gamblers, the cheaters, drunkards, and thieves
to howl at the moon in anguish
and become one of the very objects he spent decades ogling…
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Liberate me

from cigarettes to seatbelts
from sugar to salvation
from  every vice to vegetables
from vixens to vaccinations
from addiction to assurance
from craving to consecration
from fixation to fitness
from the perverse to preservation …
Which of these makes you feel more at ease?
And is anything without moderation a good thing at all?
Should anyone be given the right to moderate these things for others?
Would you let your neighbor make that call?
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Defense Mechanisms

Started a while back. Finally putting this one to rest.
Oh no.
what to do?
feel hate?
how about rage?
life a mess?
you can outguess
in hot water?
start the slaughter
some controversy?
get a little cursy
silly squabble?
gooble gobble
touchy topic
well, you’re myopic
start berating
family riot?
remain quiet
heated dispute?
be resolute
tricky conflict?
make your verdict
tense and hostile?
watch your thoughts fill
feudal ruckus?
for wisdom’s struck us?
Ah, understanding
that’s better handling!
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The wifely whiff

crimson blush’ed rose
with lips and folds
so sweetly nectarous 
scented center entered
stem and stamen placed
into the connubial vase.
couple rose
 Not fewer words, was it Roger? Julio’s was still better though.
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