Obliteration Alliteration

While I tease you stay seated
So to get a rise, I say I’ve cheated
I’m assaulted, not insulted
I’ll beg but never ask
I am victimized whilst you are mesmerized
I am heavily scented, but never consent
While you are stroked, I am stricken
You are baited, and I am beaten
You so brut, I so bruised
A boor, boobs, and booze
wild whipping whet with wheedled whimpers
the bed post spire split to splinters
I confess, as we are confluent, my conjugal convictions
indeed intact, intense, entire, inseparable, intrinsic.
Retracting as you withdrawal
I’ll always be your doll.
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  1. – the interplay of power…how succintly you have captured this!

  2. Alliterative mastery–inner rhyming–dazzling wordplay!

  3. I replied to you on my blog before I realized what a prolific writer you are.

    Very rhythmic, very poignant, like a finger that reaches through the chest and touches right on the flesh of the heart.

    I have my reading cut out for me here tonight when I get home! : )

    • Thank you sir. It’s nice to find mutual enjoyment in another’s works.

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