Sense You All

I am incensed
filling your every breath
clouding your lungs
with sweet air and death
I am sensed
feeling your farthest depth
touching your lips
with my salty breast
I am insipid
craving the palette you offer
savoring your delicious rind
lapping every drop you proffer
I am silent
listening to the sermon of skin
waiting for the call and response
of every movement and the key you play in
I am scanning
your eyes for the spark
that blinds my judgement
and gives ecstatic clarity to the dark
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  1. So good, Nora. Builds to that moment of control-loss both men and women ache for when we entertain lust howsoever we may.

    Last stanza: I read it as the female lover, eyes locked on her man, either astride or under him or at his shaft, studying the face for that moment beyond which no control is possible and the bucking flood will begin.

    =Whew!= Gotta’ go get a smoke to face my quotidian day after something like this!

  2. I wanted to portray the 5 senses.
    I got a fortune in my cookie the other day that read, “Love is the giving of one’s self. Lust is the taking for one’s self.” Seems that it concludes that lust is selfish. Meriam’s Dicitonary says this:
    1obsolete a: pleasure , delight b: personal inclination : wish
    2: usu. intense or unbridled sexual desire : lasciviousness
    3 a: an intense longing : craving b: enthusiasm , eagerness
    Which leads me to believe that lust is want, and it can be service to others as well as fulfilling a desire within. And I also believe that love can be comingled with this. The greatest culmination of passion is equal parts love and lust. With a dash of animal behavior and romance sprinkled in.
    Next time you are “en sack” try this: make sure both you and your mate experience something that stimulates each of the 5 senses. And don’t believe everything a fortune cookie says.

  3. -I wish I could PAINT this !

  4. And what force stops you from trying?

  5. Time…and pure laziness..and too many half-completed canvases! But it is a masterpiece waiting to be visualised, the concept of this poem.

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