Boxxxcar Jill

She was a free woman, riding the rails

Sleeping in boxcars, chasing a dream, blazing trails

Where she awoke, is where she was,

A new adventure awaited in every halt

She could make her way on her own

Dancing, drinking, thinking, singing

Seeing lands, finding beauty, finding trouble

Stealing and charming all the necessities to survive

A rough life


There were men. She’d invite any and all in

There was no resisitance to anyone, anything.

Surely totally free.

Until one day.

A thief came along and stole a kiss.

Tied her up, felt her up, filled her up.

Beat her up, and slit her throat.

She might not be free anymore.

Or maybe she’s freer.

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  1. Another terrific poem. From rollicking fun, to an intimate horror, to a philosophical aside. Wow!

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