Obliteration Alliteration

While I tease you stay seated
So to get a rise, I say I’ve cheated
I’m assaulted, not insulted
I’ll beg but never ask
I am victimized whilst you are mesmerized
I am heavily scented, but never consent
While you are stroked, I am stricken
You are baited, and I am beaten
You so brut, I so bruised
A boor, boobs, and booze
wild whipping whet with wheedled whimpers
the bed post spire split to splinters
I confess, as we are confluent, my conjugal convictions
indeed intact, intense, entire, inseparable, intrinsic.
Retracting as you withdrawal
I’ll always be your doll.
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Sense You All

I am incensed
filling your every breath
clouding your lungs
with sweet air and death
I am sensed
feeling your farthest depth
touching your lips
with my salty breast
I am insipid
craving the palette you offer
savoring your delicious rind
lapping every drop you proffer
I am silent
listening to the sermon of skin
waiting for the call and response
of every movement and the key you play in
I am scanning
your eyes for the spark
that blinds my judgement
and gives ecstatic clarity to the dark
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Statue of Labiarty

Like the brazen giant with a Greek frame

his conquering limbs slide into my hand

here at my perfume washed, twilight gates he lays

ready for this mighty woman’s touch, whose flame

is the imprisoned lightening, and her name

is Mother of Ectasy. From her begging hand

grabs mouth-wide welcome; her wild eyes command

the smooth harbor that twin bosoms frame

“Keep aching, man, and restore your rhythmic pump” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your eyes, psychotic

and your quivering ass, yearning to break me,

the wretched refuse of your teeming core

send your holocaust, temper-toss me.”

I lift my skirt, to reveal the golden door.

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ode to the fake fireplace

Oh blue flame

periwinkle propane

that lights the fake logs of my fire

to match the flames of my fake desire

your wood does not crackle, only hiss

until I flick the wall switch

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tHe vERy WIckeD apple tree knOWs

My halloween stains are all over your sheets
I’m your candied apple, ready to eat
my heart skips, but you don’t miss a beat
your horror’s filling me up, I’m too lost to scream
the trick or treaters’ ghosts hover and observe,
my resign and your powerful nerve
your razor fingers trace my curves
giving me the torture that I deserve
 a puppet of your pierced voodoo
oozing devil’s residue
churning out my wicked brew
in response to all you do
you’re all tangled in my gossamer hair
you try to break free, but I’m trapping you there
my arms are branches that have covered your bare
you must be careful, sir, who you scare.
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If you ask me how I’ve been lately
I’ll answer honestly
But if it is merely a formality
I will settle for confidentiality
There is no quality
to our camaraderie
and I, from this point forward, resolutely
vie for secretively
stashing my identity
among equally
uncaring strangers
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Your command is my wish

I’ll do whatever you like
I’ll be pretty, nice, and on time
then I’ll climb
inside the bed
And do whatever you like
I’ll do whatever you say
in my own special way
and give you pleasures
that belong to me
because you don’t say anything
I’ll do whatever you instruct
After we fuck, I’ll self-destruct
and become invisible
until I am needed
in your classroom again.
I’ll listen and be good
I am ripe for the molding
but could use a little scolding
cause I really
don’t give a shit about what you like.
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we are not one
as no one is
but only domesticated wolves
with purses and brief cases
And a meaty bone to chew together.
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paper sack

I’ve got a brown paper sack
with all the pills you want me to take
you wait on me like a nurse
and make sure that I feel incapacitated
and loved
and riddled with guilt
I drank your punch for many years
but what is worse?
you are well liked,
I am well scorned
and who would believe
I am
under your spell?
You’re my biggest fan
You cunning man
You make me out for a queen.
but in my reciprocity
I find
My needs are not mine.
What you give is not
When I snear
and request
what I think is best
oh the shame that falls on me.
I grow silent
feeling trapped
and indeed
become torn
and incapacitated
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They told her she should go to meetings
She didn’t go
They said the healing would be slow
That it would take time to quit hating men
And that it’s normal to consider being lesbian
She never uttered a word, seemingly in shock
Who would understand the joy of being stalked?
And to whom could she confide that it was a fantastic ride
That forceful slide
“Prevention is key.” they impressed
“You mean, like, don’t leave the window open when you’re getting dressed?”
“Yes, and quit dressing like a filthy whore.
And when you return home, lock your door.”
As if collecting a to do list
But planning
for the opposite
Those animals can pick up a scent
And follow it
And what they want, they always get
She will be waiting in that parking garage
Red lipstick, stilettos on
Curvy black hair, Seductive dress
Lingering for that quick, sick caress
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Boxxxcar Jill

She was a free woman, riding the rails

Sleeping in boxcars, chasing a dream, blazing trails

Where she awoke, is where she was,

A new adventure awaited in every halt

She could make her way on her own

Dancing, drinking, thinking, singing

Seeing lands, finding beauty, finding trouble

Stealing and charming all the necessities to survive

A rough life


There were men. She’d invite any and all in

There was no resisitance to anyone, anything.

Surely totally free.

Until one day.

A thief came along and stole a kiss.

Tied her up, felt her up, filled her up.

Beat her up, and slit her throat.

She might not be free anymore.

Or maybe she’s freer.

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This is where I want to bees.


You were buzzing around

I’ve been warned to steer clear

You were busy and I wanted to be…

With you


I followed you home

Into that hexagonal drone

And begged for a moment alone


Oh the look in your eyes eyes eyes

The rage and surprise

I could tell I was gonna get stung


I’m allergic, you know

I’ll die in your throes

And if you sting me, you’ll die in mine


Alas, taunted to no end

He clutched me and began

Abdomen, arched and driving


Injecting, stabbing, stinging

My heart slowing, my ears ringing

Warm sticky honey dripping down my thighs


Ohhhhhh the rage and surprise!

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Fish Food

I went drifting out as far as anyone could get

I’d go farther if I could

On this raft made of wood

I pulled a gun and made you promise

not to follow me

just cut the rope and let me be

and now I’m drifting in this sweet, quiet air

with pain greater than you could have gifted me

In the dark blue sea

I’ve got everything I want……………………..nothing

And I’d take more if I could

That would be very good.

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