Suburban Limerick

A housewife with seldom a worry,
Was oft found in quite a hurry.
She zipped here and there
daily, with perfect hair
And was known as the skirt in a scurry.

A fella takes pride in his lawn
but this year found his home is now gone
they took his new hummer,
he claims it’s a bummer
and that he’s a victim of the sub-prime con.

A child can’t focus in class
when he’s being mentally undressed by the lass
who is charged with his schooling
but is too busy drooling
over having some 13 year old ass.

There’s a woman who happily bakes
cookies, candy and cakes
It’s so widely known
It makes a good smelling home
And is a form that love sometimes takes.

A man refreshes his view
not of a smutty webpage, but vows renewed
find everyday what you first felt
what made your very heart melt
Her SOUL is the only one that you’ll see in the nude.

The birds chirping and the mowers in gear
Give signs that Spring is so near
the kids on their bikes
and dogs on their hikes
Are gifts of nature’s good cheer.

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