Butterfly vs. Ant

How pompous and vain to
ignore the one in pain
the one who cares
keeps more burdens than she can bear
Burdens tend to make one stronger
until they can carry them no longer
and the vain flitter carelessly away.
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The selfish man imbibes in drink
And thus disintegrates the link
of the loving woman who wearily holds the walls
for pity’s sake she endures
hoping he’ll remember her
and he’ll claim she has him by the balls
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Repetition is a feature found in life and death
The only difference is if you have a breath
The chance for change is so small
We are sentenced, one and all
To what God or Satan choose to delivereth
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One way living

A person without hope will self-destruct
And nothing will give forth any luck
I stumble through these days
with despair and malaise
It’s quite clear that he’ll never give a fuck
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