Legacies are unfolded like old quilts

Fortunes are changed with dollar bills


Breaths are taken…and kept

Their ghosts from graves, have quietly crept

Grace greatly given by beggars

Treaties, interrupted by triggers


The best help is offered by strangers

Loved ones speak with constant anger


Myths begin with perceptions gone wrong

Accidents happen when we pretend to be strong


Glory is granted to the humble

But no dignity is given to those who stumble

Dust gathers on dreams,

One takes while the other redeems

Trust is harder to gain than weight

But can more quickly evaporate

Experience doesn’t count if you did it wrong

Heartless = Headstrong


Health is a loan that you pay back over time

Your body pays as your age climbs

Love is a hard subject to cover

The advice differs from lover to lover

A crisis is a link to a lesson

Life is a class always in Session


The world bleeds for beliefs

Nations foolishly believe their chiefs


No man should ever judge

We haven’t enough purity to hold a grudge


Most people think in a herd……

And are THE most frequently heard

While the quiet are listening

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