Don’t go
Don’t grow
Don’t tell me secrets only I know
Don’t shout
Don’t show
It gets harder to feel and we just get further away
I give you a gift. I can’t take it away
You can’t hold it. You feel it
It gets in your way
When you remember, it’ll be there
And our distance will seem
More like a parallel care
So the cycle, it spins
And I took out a piece
Nothing has changed
But it feels so much better
And I want a hug that
Says you know
I won’t turn from the look that shows
You’ve grown
But stay close
Or don’t, don’t, don’t
You know I love you
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Afterlife Jailbreak

I cracked the code

wonder if god knows

i split the clouds

to descend back to jail

Like a bird

i soar down

like a feather




perfection is loving life…

accepting imperfection

turning down a gift

in humility

like a deity, I came back

i found my peace

my mind is my holy home

ideas, ideals, and wishes

make such a comforting great beyond

within my reach

and better than the perceived reality

so many promised

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