Something eats me

I go from day to day

Consumed by peace and rage

Undeniably, something eats me

Either little ticks get under my skin

Or happiness comes to greet me

It’s no use to change my form

Oh, there’s no way to be the norm

And my attention span shrinks

I don’t mind the jinx

I just put my head down

I don’t care if I drown

I just progress with a single thought

I don’t wrestle or become restless

It’s easy to be me

I know the road, usually

My theory is so simple

I let the starving ideas feast on me

And there’s no shaking jaw-locked teeth

I don’t resist, only succumb

Fighting is moot and it is dumb

It causes tension, causes stress

An accomplished life loses purpose

It’s always more productive and easier

To be eaten by something

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