The Decayer

Clouds rain like waterfalls in my mind

Footprints cross the paths running people leave behind.

Moss, damp and cold, grows in darker corners

Flowers under footprints, like solitary mourners.

Trees without leaves scratch upwards through the layers

People sit, lifeless, and rot in the decayer.

Birds sit on branches, but you never hear them singing

And golden bells, browned by rust, are silently ringing

Welcome to my mind…

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I found a piece of heaven
Now it’s light is in my eye
And everywhere I go
It sparkles in my mind
I caught a glimpse of heaven
It’s light is in the sky
The moon glistens in my eyes
I leave the filthy world behind.
Open my brain, and you will find
A high-noon sun on rippling waters
Silver and wet
And full of Heaven.
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